British star Susanna Reid has admitted that she has become “a bit agoraphobic” because people have accidentally broken social distancing rules in public

Chatting about GMB with her co-host, Piers Morgan, Susanna said, “I think I’ve gotten a bit agoraphobic because when you go out there are so many people trying to keep your social distance and people are simple too close “

She added that she was glad the public had some fun in the snow over the weekend, stating, “At the weekend there was of course the slight relief of the snow and a lot of people were enjoying the snow and it would be strange to do something else to say, as thank goodness for a little pause, a little pause “

However, after Piers shared a snippet of busy Primrose Hill with people enjoying the weather, he added, “Do it, get out, get some fresh air or whatever, but don’t forget the rules! These scenes of this one Raves and those parties were – “but Susanna cut him off and concluded,” Not at the London Zoo, where these pictures were taken “

Viewers were quick to report on Susanna’s troubles and tweeted, “Yeah, definitely, I’ve gone from never going in to nervous when I go out. You have to use public transport to get to a local supermarket, & You feel like if you can survive these two things, you can survive anything! Hate the constant tension that used to be an easy escape! “Enough now!”

Another added: “I’m at @ susannareid100 I don’t want to go out because the world and his wife are outside. My neighbors work from home [five or six] times a day. In our household, four adults have had two people absent in the last three weeks “

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Susanna Reid

World News – UK – Susanna Reid says she becomes agoraphobic in lockdown with so much going on outdoors