Landlord Chelsey Ballard said it was “incredibly frustrating” to have spent the time and money preparing a busy Christmas party

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A Surrey landlady says she is “disappointed” that her pub has to close despite being inches from the Tier 2 line

Chelsey Ballard, 28, runs the Cyder House Inn in Shackleford, a 120 year old pub

Cyder House Inn is listed as a Waverley pub on the government’s zip code tool, which lets users know what restrictions are affecting their territory This is the only borough or borough in Surrey remaining in Tier 2, the pub is also in Waverley

, according to the NHS Coronavirus app
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The pub, however, pays its business tariffs and council tax to the Guildford Borough Council All grants are from Guildford, and the Environmental Health Officer is also from Guildford Council

If Waverley’s tier 2 pub could stay open throughout the holiday season, the Guildford tier 3 pub would be forced to close and continue to sell takeaway only

Unfortunately for Chelsey and her team, the Cyder House Inn is right within the Guildford border

The Guildford-Waverley border runs right down the street in front of the Peper Harrow Lane pub, before hiding slightly east just outside of their neighbors’ house

Chelsey, who has been running the site since October 2018, said, “We are literally the wrong side of the road Our neighbors are Tier 2 and we are Tier 3 It’s really weird we’re so close to that line”

She added, “We asked [the council] if it would make a difference if we were in Waverley? But the council said no I think they have to draw a line somewhere, it was just unfortunate that we were they had to pull “

Thursday’s Tier 3 news was a “massive shock,” Chelsey said, “We spent all day [on Wednesday] planning the weekend and Christmas We spent and made an absolute fortune on Christmas decorations this year.” that things look really festive to make up for a garbage year

The pub was almost fully booked for the weekend before Christmas, and Christmas Eve and Boxing Day were also a great opportunity for the pub to raise some cash, but all of these bookings had to be canceled

“That’s a lot of money we’re going to lose. We usually take more money on Christmas week than any other month of the year. Having none of it makes a world of difference,” said Chelsey

Confirmation of Tier 3 restrictions also hit staff hard, Chelsey stated that they were just getting used to getting 100 percent of their salary back, getting off vacation and being tipped again, and now they are getting back in the scheme added

“You’re back to a wage cut, back to 80 percent. It’s difficult, especially at this time of year,” she said

Unlike some other pubs, the Cyder House Inn had performed well on Tier 2 restrictions despite the ban on mixing households indoors

Chelsey said, “It would have made a world of difference to stay in Tier 2, we were one of the few bars that was doing really well and we weren’t far from normal weeks Some of the wet pubs had problems

“Myself and my partner went on vacation because we didn’t think we would need that many staff, but this week we said goodbye because it was so crowded But now we are being closed It’s incredibly frustrating”

Chelsey said it came to the rescue that the pub’s brewery, Hall and Woodhouse, canceled rental charges for the pandemic

It helped the pub break the last two barriers during which the Cyder House Inn was closed except for food stalls

Chelsey said, “It was a nightmare It completely crippled the hospitality industry It’s not a massive money-making business anyway; before all of this, people were just getting through

“I feel so sorry for all other landlords Fortunately we are in a pretty good position and should be able to get through this. But I know a lot of pubs will never open again, which is incredibly sad “

The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs has confirmed that the next review in two weeks’ time will be on Jan. December will take place

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