Spurs have been by far the better side so far – a well-deserved lead. Will Stoke get a little more out of their shell when they get back?

Winks crosses the ball on the penalty spot and Bale hits it and throws a header into the far post Nice finish Far too much room for the Welshman

Bale runs after him one more time, but Doherty can’t find him. Bale then slaughters an easy pass – but Spurs wins a corner after Collins’s poor pass

Lucas tries to get Bale a ball over the top, but it’s just a little too much on the pass. Good idea

Tottenham remains in possession of the ball in the Stoke half Lucas tries to break into the box but is forced wide by the Stoke defense. Michael O’Neil’s side has five behind – and they are all very low!

Kane breaks into the right side of the box and shoots a shot over the goal from Lonergan, who parries well. He doesn’t look too rusty!

Alli tries to launch an attack, but is triggered. Free kick halfway through Hojbjerg finally shoots a shot from a long distance, the ball lands about 15 rows back in the empty stands

Stokes has so far failed to hold the ball at all. Winks wins the ball in midfield and lets Doherty go on the right. McLean comes back and forces the ball out

A cross is sent into the Stoke box and Lonergan would do well to beat it away. The away team comes back, Bale wins a free kick in a dangerous area for a cross

Lonergan gets an early touch and starts the ball-down field. Neither side can control possession. Scratchy start

After Neil Warnock ranted about the quality of the facilities, Stoke improved the setup for tonight

So the question is: can Spurs do it in Stoke on a wet and windy Wednesday night?

Bale hasn’t had the effect he’d been looking for since returning to the club, he hasn’t made the strongest XI, and his cameos have been largely overwhelming

Tonight, Bale has a great opportunity to play a game on the neck

5 – Tottenham have won each of their last five games with Stoke City, with four of those wins being four goals ahead Assertiveness #STOTOT BildTwittercom / B9jrUJ4T4v

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Lonergan, 37 who collected a Premier League winner ???? After playing on Jürgen Klopp’s squad in Liverpool last season, he joined Stoke as a free agent earlier this month when manager Michael O’Neill ran out of options after injuring three senior goalkeepers Adam Davies, Angus Gunn and Niki Maenpaa

There are six changes for Stoke, including Andy Lonergan, who will appear in the competition for the first time in nearly two years

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Tottenham Hotspur may play in the League Cup against Stoke City, the second division side, but that doesn’t make the way to the semi-finals easier, said Spurs boss Jose Mourinho

Mourinho said he was concerned about the threat posed by Stoke, who have improved after two bouts since relegation to the Premier League and finished seventh in the league in a highly competitive race for the championship playoff spots / p>

“Even with the championship of the last decade, the difference between the championship and the Premier League is minimal,” Mourinho told reporters on Tuesday. “The teams are very good, they have very good players and very good coaches

“Even the fact that we play Stoke or Newcastle against Brentford doesn’t make us any easier games than the others. It is difficult to win a competition and we have to win three games to win it

“But we’re going in the direction we said at the start of the season, the next game is a game we want to win”

Spurs were leaders in the league earlier this month but have dropped to sixth after one point from their last three games and Mourinho sees the League Cup as a chance for redemption

While the Portuguese have won the League Cup four times, Spurs have not won it since 2008 – their last trophy

Mourinho will switch squads and say he will play a “mix” of his regulars and those who have played in the Europa League It is unclear whether Dele Alli will be there

“Of those who play more, there are others that we don’t have great options for. But of course I’ll try to give two or three of them a rest”

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Stoke City v Tottenham

World news – GB – Stoke City v Tottenham, Carabao Cup quarter-finals: live score and latest updates

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