Actor Stephen Fry joked that he had to “put small rivalries behind me” after receiving a dose of the Oxford Coronavirus Jab at Westminster Abbey in London

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Actor Stephen Fry described receiving his coronavirus vaccination at Westminster Abbey as a “wonderful moment”

The Cambridge University alumnus, who is also a comedian, joked that he had to “put small rivalries behind me” after receiving a dose of the Oxford stab

Westminster Abbey opened its doors for the first time on Wednesday morning to give vaccinations to the public

The vaccination area is just above Poet’s Corner, where many literary giants such as Charles Dickens and Geoffrey Chaucer are buried

Fry said it was “extraordinary” to have received his push in such a “symbolic” place and he applauded the “justification of science and research” “

He said, “It’s a wonderful moment, but you feel like it’s not only helpful for your own health, but you know that wearing it yourself is probably less contagious


“It’s a symbol of being part of society, part of the group that we all want to protect and get this thing over with.”

“I’m so excited and it’s a justification for science and research and slow discovery and experimentation

Regarding his own push, he said it was “painless” but added, “The only bad side of it for a Cambridge man is having an Oxford vaccine

“It’s the wrong color blue for me, but I suppose I have to put these kinds of little rivalries behind me”

The former QI host said there was a “positive vibe” at the center and believes people are delighted to make a difference

“We all do this and it helps, and that’s a strong feeling, especially in a world where we are so divided into other things,” he said

David Hoyle, Dean of Westminster Abbey, said he was “pleased” to offer the room as a vaccination center

“We’re used to having this place absolutely full of people and it feels very, very weird and frankly wrong to have it empty,” he added

“It is an immense privilege to be part of making this country safe and healthy again, and we are very excited to be doing it”

Sir Simon Stevens, Executive Director of the NHS, said: “From mosques, churches, cathedrals and temples to sports fields, shopping malls and museums, the NHS Covid vaccination program, the largest in health care history, aims to make it as quick and as quick as possible”Convenient as possible for everyone to get the life-saving push

“Now, historic Westminster Abbey is the newest place to open its doors as this great national effort to protect the nation continues to gather pace”

Stephen Fry

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