Stephen Bear gets toasted on Twitter for trying to pass a picture of a woman’s ultrascan as his own

This morning, on the 8th February, the reality tv personality shared an ultrasound that indicated he was about to become a father to twins. He captioned the picture: “Wasn’t I expecting 2?” I think it’s time for me to grow up

Bear was quickly rumbled by a trailer who tweeted to say he stole the picture from a blogger passing by “Tall Mum in Manchester”

Bear is now facing a number of setbacks and users are criticizing him for doing “anything for the attention” Others beat him up for joking about pregnancy, saying it was an insult to anyone unable to conceive

Aston Villa podcaster Ty Bracey replied to Bear’s tweet: “I literally got the exact same photo from Google, why invent lies?”

â ???? Absolutely disgusting! Using a scan from Google People out there really want to be mothers, and you’re kind of a joke One user wrote

Another said, “Why would you make this up with a stolen photo from the internet?” I am honestly amazed hereâ ????

Bear is currently under investigation for allegedly sharing sex tape with ex-girlfriend Georgia Harrison

In December 2020, Harrison, who appeared on Love Island in 2017, accused her ex of making a secret sex tape of her while they were in a relationship, showing it to his friends and broadcasting it on WhatsApp

She also claims that Bear shared screenshots of the video with followers on his OnlyFans account, though Bear denied it was in the video

Stephen Bear

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