Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash have gone to great lengths to make their Essex house a home since they moved in in 2018, but they don’t necessarily have any intention of staying here

The couple are currently parents to son Rex, sons Zachary and Leighton of Stacey, and Joe’s son Harry In an interview with HELLO! Stacey announced that if they want to have more children, they’ll need to grow

“We have four boys right now,” she explained, “and Zach and Leighton share a room. Rex has a room and then Harry has a room, but they’re all very small storage rooms. It’s a big house compared to that one. that I grew up in, but I think if we decide to have more kids we want a little more space “

Where could Stacey and Joe move to to move? “We’d probably have to move further out of town to get more space It’s too expensive here, “Stacey said to HELLO!” I don’t think this will be our home forever. I want more children in the future, and I want to be closer to the country anyway just to be surrounded by trees and fields ”

This is not just a passing thought, either. Stacey and Joe have openly discussed their plans to expand their family in the future

“We talk about it all the time,” Stacey added, “I think they’re the kind of life choices and things to have conversation about Just because, why keep going for years when you are both fortunate to have different plans we both on the same page

“Joe wants more kids, I want more kids, we’d both love a little more space and more fresh air. If Joe said he didn’t want any more kids, that would be a big conversation to sit down and discuss Better to get it out of the way early “

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Stacey Solomon

World News – UK – Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash’s plans to move home have been revealed