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Sky broadband customers are having a frustrating evening with some users complaining that the popular service is offline and not currently working, the tech gremlins appear to have started around 5 p.m. and the issues are still going on for almost four hours later an

The independent failure monitor Downdetector, which keeps an eye on technical failures around the world, shows over 2500 reports from users struggling to get online as the outage appears to be widespread across the UK The live heat map shows the hardest hit areas are London, Glasgow, Norwich and Manchester, although it is still to be confirm is

It is unclear what is causing the problems, but Sky’s help page has now confirmed that there is a problem with the service. In a service status post, Sky said, “CUSTOMER INFORMATION – Broadband Issues We are aware of an issue that our broadband customers are experiencing We are currently investigating and will provide updates as soon as we have more information to share. Customers may not be able to go online or make / receive calls “

And in a statement sent to Express in the UK, a Sky spokesperson said, “We are aware of an issue affecting some of our Sky Broadband and Sky Talk customers. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and are working hard to to fix this ”

In addition to the confirmation of the failure by Sky, there are also many chats on Twitter that show that customers are not satisfied

A Sky customer tweeted, “No broadband in Glasgow. Can you provide an answer on what’s going on and an ETA for a solution?”

While another added, “Internet has been down for about an hour, website not working troubleshooting Twitter and Downdetector show UK problems #skybroadband”

And another asked, “Any idea how long it will take to fix? Still no broadband – that’s 3 hours now, this is my first month as a Sky customer after Virgin Media intermittent broadband ! ”

While users won’t like today’s outage, some better news is on the horizon Sky Broadband recently confirmed that customers will finally see much faster broadband speeds in their homes thanks to the launch of the company’s new full-fiber connection, the satellite television company announces that it is rolling out its ultra-fast broadband to more UK households with over three million homes that can now access much faster downloads

Sky’s ultra-fast service offers speeds of around 145 Mbit / s, which is more than twice the current UK average

“The introduction of FTTP, the UK’s most advanced broadband technology, reflects Sky’s commitment to innovation and providing customers with the fastest, most reliable broadband possible,” said Aman Bhatti, Director of Propositions, Sky Broadband

“This means that with Sky Broadband Ultrafast we can offer our customers average speeds that are 12 times faster than the standard, so customers can download, stream, surf, work and play games freely from home”

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World news – GB – Sky Broadband down: Customers complain because Internet problems leave many offline

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