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BBC adventurer Simon Reeve has urged authorities to take action against illegal influencers traveling for the pleasure of the lockdown

The 48-year-old presenter has settled in his Dartmoor cottage during the pandemic and is dying to take a trip

However, he is committed to obeying the rules and in an exclusive interview with The Sun spoke of his frustration and anger at people who used the excuse of work to leave the country and relax on the beach in Dubai

He said, “There will always be people in crisis who will take the p ** s I think it is important that the government and agencies enforce the rules that they claim created

“What has upset a lot of people, including me, is when we try to follow the rules and other people don’t, and other people get away with it. This is absolutely annoying. It creates a lot of disharmony and the feeling that we are not all of them together are Instagram influencers who publish pictures of their baps or pecs from sunny Dubai, make a lot of people angry

“I understand if you are there to make a living from it somehow then good luck to you. If you break the rules and millions of people see and feel annoyed about it, it becomes a public health problem”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson closed all UK travel corridors last week to reduce infection rates

Anyone entering the country must now isolate for 10 days or show a negative Covid test result after five days before being admitted

Earlier this month, Covid rates doubled in the UAE after becoming a hub for influencers who shared pictures and videos with fun in the sun on a daily basis

Simon continued, “It encourages other people to think that if they don’t follow the rules, I won’t”Why the hell can’t I see my friends and have a few drinks? Because I’m bored and lonely and cold here and I want to do something too ‘

“It’s up to the authorities to prevent people from taking the p ** s or breaking the rules”

The broadcaster, whose show Incredible Journeys With Simon Reeve is returning tonight on BBC Two, has long found it particularly difficult to be home

“It feels like it’s a wasted year of my life,” he said, “It’s so painful and so difficult For me personally, it has been very difficult to deny myself the opportunity to travel. It’s what it means to be human

“I wonder what it means to be human with your picture of yourself in budgie smugglers and a skimpy bikini on a sterile beach in Dubai, but if people don’t like it, you stop following them bloody “

But before returning to distant places and mingling with their populations again, Simon wants to be sure that he is not a coronavirus threat to them

“A huge part of my life and what I love to do is an adventure in remote places I cannot risk bringing this virus from our Covid hotspot in the UK to a remote location in South America that has no cases of Coronavirus gave

“You don’t want to wipe out a local tribe just because Simon wants a bloody adventure So that’s a big problem At the same time, there are tens of millions of families around the world who, because of the money they get from working in travel and tourism, totally dependent on self-feeding It’s super difficult “

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