The avowed’ crazy dog ​​lady ‘Sheridan Smith has six puppies – but tragically lost her Pomeranian in a heartbreaking accident

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The popular Two Pints ​​of Lager actress owns an incredible six puppies – two Great Danes, Trevor and Dave, two Boston Terriers, Ronnie and Reggie, and two Chihuahuas, Bernard and Dumbo

Her passion for canines dates back to childhood when she longed for a dog but her family couldn’t afford one

If they found a stray in the area and no one claimed it, they’d end up keeping it, prompting a young Sheridan to cheat on her mother by taking the collar off a neighbor’s pet

The dog fanatic, who is also the mother of eight-month-old Billy, has now got her dream job hosting Pooch Perfect, a competition to find the best professional dog groomer in the country

Sheridan has owned many adorable dogs over the years and was struck by a tragedy in May 2019 when one of her beloved pooches died in devastating circumstances

The actress didn’t care about Panny when she was attacked by another dog and died

Sheridan initially sparked concern when, in a moment of sadness, she accused her fiance Jamie’s mother of killing her dog – an accusation for which she continued to apologize

She referred to her partner’s mother in the since-deleted tweets, saying, “This woman is capable of anything”

She branded her a “crazy job” and added: “Her son hates me as much as she does and they threaten me every day x

The next day, Sheridan apologized for her ‘silly chatter’ and explained why she had made the comments

“I thought I was clearing up my silly chatter. First of all, I apologize to everyone I pissed off, I was hurt and angry, but it’s nobody’s fault,” the actress tweeted

“It was an accident Unfortunately, my darling Panny was cared for when another dog attacked her and she died

Sheridan’s love for dogs is visible to everyone – and now she has her dream job as a presenter at Pooch Perfect

The television and theater star and her fluffy co-host Stanley are on a mission to find the nation’s best dog groomer

While she was video calling Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, two of her dogs were running around in the background

At first they seemed to be fighting each other, but then things took a whole different level when they started bouncing behind them

Phil and Holly’s eyes widened in shock when the two dogs fell a little in love on the screen

The apologetic Sheridan said, “You can see my dogs, this is chaos, I’m so sorry, it sounds like breathing is difficult, it’s really weird!”

Holly admitted she didn’t know if to look away while Phillip asked the producer for a closer look

Sheridan couldn’t help but smack Victoria Beckham during her presentation debut

When the actress introduced her dog Stanley on the show, it wasn’t long before she jibe at the Spice Girl

“He’s the Jay Z for my Beyonce, the Harry for my Meghan and the Becks for my Posh,” she said

Stanley then barked in protest, causing Sheridan to add, “No, you’re Becks, I’m Posh”You couldn’t be as chic as you eat”

Sheridan continued to rave about her pooch when she declared her love for dogs, “They’re so loyal” better than men, right?

Pooch Perfect has already been under fire by the RPSCA for its decision to dye dogs a different color

Concern rose after a trailer featuring a dog with bright blue ears was released The RSPCA said it was sending “worrying news”

The RSPCA expert on dog welfare, Dr Samantha Gaines, greeted the show with a veterinarian on set, added, “We don’t believe animals should be painted or colored for cosmetic reasons

â ???? Our pets are intelligent and sentient; When we treat them in this way it sends a worrying message that they are ours to objectify and treat as fashion accessories or toysâ ????

But Channel 4’s Puppy School animal behaviorist Hannah Molloy dismissed her defense, saying the public could watch this show and start coloring their dogs with unsafe ingredients

“The BBC needs to think about the implications for human behavior in creating shows like this”She said I doubt the UK public at large is just as likely to have access to ethical dyes”

It is the second row to devour the company after fifty MPs condemned the decision to air a BBC3 show about puppy breeding as “extremely irresponsible”

A BBC spokesperson said: “While we were filming Pooch Perfect, the care and wellbeing of the dogs was paramount. On set, we had an RSPCA-approved animal welfare advisor, a grooming advisor and a veterinarian to make sure we were all Take precautions to keep the dogs safe and healthy

“Each owner was asked if they were pleased that their dogs had a temporary color. When color was used it was kept to a minimum, washed out almost immediately, and only in the minority of challenges used to identify certain areas of Demonstrate skill and creativity

“All products used were animal friendly and temporary and were used by professional snow groomers who have great experience in handling and handling dogsâ ????

Sheridan Smith

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