SIS bride Shamima Begum has been prevented by high-level judges from returning to Britain to fight for her British citizenship in the Government’s Fight Against Terrorism

Begum was a 15-year-old high school student when she ran away from her family home in east London in February 2015 to join terrorists from the Islamic State in Syria

When she was discovered in a Syrian refugee camp in 2019, then Home Secretary Sajid Javid stripped her of British citizenship for national security reasons

The appeals court ruled last July that Begum may return to the UK to take action against an appeal However, when the litigation reached the Supreme Court, the government argued that Begum’s return would increase the risk of a terrorist attack on British soil

Lord Reed issued a ruling this morning according to which Begum cannot return to the UK to challenge Mr Javid’s decision, saying the appeals court made four mistakes in its decision

“(The Court of Appeal) assessed the national security requirements themselves and preferred them to those of the Home Secretary,” he said

“This happened despite the lack of relevant evidence or relevant factual findings by the court below

“The Minister of the Interior did not give the Minister of the Interior the respect it should have received, as the Minister of the Interior is given responsibility by Parliament for carrying out such assessments and is democratically responsible to Parliament for fulfilling this responsibility””

Lord Reed said Begum’s appeal against disqualification should be suspended “until Mrs Begum is able to play an effective role in it without harming public safety”

Begum was a 15 year old high school student when she ran away to join Islamic State terrorists in Syria

Accepting that this was “not a perfect solution,” he said, “The appeals court mistakenly believed that a person’s right to a fair hearing on an appeal conflicted with national security requirements. A fair hearing must be enforce

“However, the right to a fair hearing does not outweigh all other considerations such as the safety of the public

“When an important public interest makes it impossible for a case to be fair, the courts usually cannot hear it. The appropriate response to the problem in the present case is to suspend the appeal”

The verdict is a resounding victory for the government in the Begum case and confirms its decision to withdraw its citizenship and fight hard to maintain that position

Mr. Javid welcomed the court’s ruling, saying, “The Home Secretary is responsible for the security of our citizens and borders and should therefore have the power to decide whether anyone who poses a serious threat to that security should enter our country can enter

“There are no easy solutions to this situation, but all restrictions on the rights and freedoms that person is exposed to are a direct result of the extreme measures that they and others have taken against government and government policies common morality offends ”

Begum was one of three Bethnal Green Academy students who graduated on Jan. February 2015 flew from Gatwick Airport to Istanbul in Turkey before making their way to Raqqa in Syria

Embedded in the Islamic State, she married the jihad fighter Yago Riedijk within ten days of her arrival in Syria and had two children – both have died since then

Begum was heavily pregnant with her third child when she was interviewed by a Times journalist in a Syrian refugee camp in February 2019, expressing a desire to return to the UK

Mr Javid’s decision to revoke Begum’s citizenship was upheld by a tribunal, but the appeals court later ruled: “The only way to make a fair and effective appeal is to be able to enter the UK and prosecute their appeal “

Government attorney Sir James Eadie QC questioned this decision, arguing that Begum remains “a real and ongoing threat to national security”

“The threat is real and serious regardless of the sympathy the age of the person arouses on their journey,” he said

Sir James said one of the UK’s tools to counter terrorist threats is to make it “very difficult” to return after joining the Islamic State This would be blunt if Begum returned to Britain

But Lord Pannick QC, head of Begum’s legal team, said in a hearing last November that Begum is only accused of joining ISIS rather than becoming an active fighter

Begum says she left Raqqa with her husband in 2017 and is currently in al-Roj refugee camp in northern Syria under the supervision of armed guards Lord Pannick said the Syrian Democratic Forces “do not allow lawyers to visit nor do they allow detainees to come with To speak to lawyers “

The government had also argued that Begum was the architect of her own “dire” situation and insisted that she was eligible for Bangladeshi citizenship

The Supreme Court ruled that the Court of Appeal made a mistake in assessing cases where appeal rights conflict with national security issues, and also made a mistake in looking at the Home Secretary’s human rights policy

Shamima Begum

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