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A married teacher who nursed and had sex with a 15-year-old student in a field has been incarcerated for more than six years

Wendover’s Kandice Barber has been tried for a second time on charges of having sex with the student while she was a school decker

During the trial, the Amersham courts heard that the 35-year-old had told the boy that she would “bring him with her” if the relationship was discovered and that she was pregnant with his child

She had sent the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, topless pictures of herself and a “live video” of her masturbating

She was found not guilty of inducing or inducing sexual activity in a child on two other counts

She has been detained at Aylesbury Crown Court for six years and two months

Barber leaves Aylesbury Crown Court with her husband Daniel in September after being convicted of two sex offenses Pictured: Steve Parsons / PA

Prosecutor David Povall summarized a testimony from the victim, who said he had faced stress and anxiety as a result of the incidents and had gone through two legal proceedings

He continued, “He was in school and through his presence at the school he came into contact with this defendant who worked there in a trust

“He believes his GCSE results were not as good as they should have been, in part because of the impact these incidents had on him

“Because of his worse than expected GCSE results, he had to drop out of the good school he attended and go to sixth grade college that none of his friends were at

“In summary, he says that the defendant … who was supposed to help students make the right decisions, instead helped them make all the wrong decisions”

Recorder Bal Dhaliwal passed her sentence on to Barber, describing how Barber added himself to the victim’s Snapchat account in September 2018 and exchanged messages with the boy that became sexual within a week

Barber has been incarcerated for more than six years (pictured with husband Daniel leaving Aylesbury Crown Court in September) Picture: Steve Parsons / PA

She said, “They also sent pictures, including a topless picture of yourself and a live video of you masturbating

“All of these actions mean that you maintain and involve him and that you have significant planning”

During one incident, the court heard that Barber asked the boy to meet her, go to a private field and have sex with him

The judge continued: “I have no doubt that you have committed a gross breach of trust. You have taken advantage of a child in your care and cared for it for your own sexual satisfaction.”

Barber later asked the boy to delete all messages and block them on Snapchat to prevent evidence from being found

“They remained determined to silence him in every possible way,” said Judge Dhaliwal

Barber later told the teen that she was pregnant and wasn’t sure if the baby belonged to his or her husband

“This was another attempt by you to manipulate and control him,” the judge continued

“You already had authority over him because of your position, and using threats to bring him down to comply with your demands for silence, which you think I did is more than despicable in my opinion”

The judge added that it made no difference whether the barber was female and the victim was male

Barber was also sentenced to 16 months in prison for inducing a child under the age of 16 to observe sexual activity by a person who violates the trust and another 10 months in prison for having sexual communication both at the same time their main sentence has been served

She has to keep the police informed of her personal details and addresses for the rest of her life, is not allowed to work with children or vulnerable adults, and is subject to a lifelong order to prevent sexual harm

Following the conviction, the NSPCC stressed the need for adequate support for victims of child sexual abuse

A charity spokesman said: “As a teacher, Barber would have been aware of the vulnerability of young people and it was her duty to protect those in her care

“Instead, she used her trust to groom and abuse this teenager for her own sexual gratification”

If you have any concerns about a child, call the NSPCC hotline on 0808 800 5000 ”

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