Mr Sarwar made history when he became the first leader of an ethnic political party in Britain

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Glasgow MSP Anas Sarwar has been elected as the new leader of Scottish Labor – just 10 weeks before the Holyrood elections

The party had to vote for a new leader following Richard Leonard’s resignation in January, claiming his decision was in the “best interests” of Scottish Labor

Mr Sarwar, who lost to Mr Leonard in 2017, quickly threw his hat in the ring, followed by Monica Lennon, MSP in central Scotland

Mr Sarwar, an NHS dentist, is the first political party leader in Britain after his grandparents immigrated to Scotland from Pakistan

The father of three said it was “the greatest honor of my life” to be elected leader, but knows that Labor “has a lot to do to regain your trust”

“Because if we’re brutally honest, you haven’t had the Scottish Labor Party you deserve,” he said

Mr Sarwar said it was “in my blood” to make change and said his grandfather came to Lossiemouth 75 years ago “with nothing looking for a better future”

He said his grandfather found this and instead of going back to Pakistan, which he should do, he brought his family to Scotland

“He never thought that his grandson would one day be elected to lead the labor movement in Scotland,” said Sarwar

Mr Sarwar was elected MSP of Glasgow Central in 2010, succeeding his father Mohammed Sarwar, who was the UK’s first Muslim MP and became Governor of Punjab in Pakistan in 2018

He’s a dedicated Brownit who mentioned Gordon Brown in his acceptance speech and criticized both Tony Blair and Jeremy Corbyn

Labor is in third place in the polls ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections in May, firmly behind the Conservatives, while the SNP is in the lead

In the 2019 election, Labor recorded its worst result in Scotland since 1910, reducing its seats to just one

The Scottish Parliament is currently in the midst of a scandal after former First Minister Alex Salmond brought evidence to Parliament’s investigation into dealing with complaints against him

Before the elections, Mr Sarwar also has to deal with a surge in support for independence amid Brexit and the pandemic

During his campaign, he said he was against Scotland’s independence and called on parties that support a split from the rest of the UK to put the problem aside and focus on economic recovery from COVID-19 / p>

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