The Liverpool defender was criticized after Scotland’s 1-1 draw with Israel in Tel Aviv on Sunday

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Scottish boss Steve Clarke has targeted the “really bad” criticism of Liverpool defender Andy Robertson

The Scottish skipper was criticized after his team’s 1-1 draw with Israel on Sunday evening in Tel Aviv

Robertson arrived on Dec. July 2017 from relegation from Hull City to Anfield when the Reds signed a deal with the Tigers to land the left-back for around £ 8m

Since arriving at the club, Liverpool have won the Champions League and the Premier League Robertson has established himself as one of the best left-backs in world football

However, after Scotland drew in their last World Cup qualifiers at the weekend, Robertson was at the end of the day heavy criticism from some fans and the media

But Clarke thought the Liverpool defender had a good performance in Group F and believes the Reds defender and Arsenal’s Kieran Tierney can play on the same side

He said, “I think it’s more of a problem for the media, the experts and the supporters, not for us

“I thought our left side with Robertson and Tierney – whether Kieran in left center-back and Andy in left center-back, or Kieran to the left of a three with Andy in left-back – worked well

“I thought the criticism of Andy Robertson was bad the other day. He had a good game so judge the player It was poor, really poor, as Andy Robertson had a good game for us in the first and second halves the other day”

Clarke also hit back on claims that Robertson was doing better for Liverpool than his country

“I think it’s unfair, it’s a different team,” he said, “Look, we’ve already talked about this and everyone has said you can’t have Kieran and Andy on the same team

“But we can do it We did it consistently And maybe this is one of the reasons why we qualified for a big tournament

“Both were decent that evening (in the play-off finals of Euro 2020 in November). For me it is no longer a discussion. We can do it

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“You can play on the same team, Kieran likes to play left and Andy I think we found a way to do that”

Before concluding, “Kieran’s left central defense is exceptional and Andy likes to come forward. He gets balls in the box I don’t think a back four would be better for you

“They liked it better the other day because we improved the game, which annoyed the Israelis a little, and it took them 15-20 minutes to find out what we actually did. But no, I don’t see that

“Look, it was an easy move too. The vast majority of them play in a back four in their clubs. We’re not asking them to do anything that they don’t do in their clubs

“Whether we start with a back three or a back four, if you can change that in the game and it changes the context of the game and the way it goes, it may only be good for us in the future

“But I wouldn’t get too involved in systems or whatever, because with 3-5-2 or 3-4-2-1 or 3-4-1-2 you can do numbers and all day playing kids of different formations, playing three on the back got us to the euro, so it was a good system for us ”

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