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SCOTLAND’s Ikea stores remain open despite boxing day slipping the nation back into Tier 4 lockdown

The Swedish furniture giant will continue to welcome customers when the tough restrictions go into effect as housewares become a must-see retail store in Scotland

During an emotional speech last night, Nicola Sturgeon cut the rules for the Christmas bubble and confirmed that the entire Scottish mainland would be closed from May 26th December will fall below the level 4 curbs

All non-essential retail stores will have to close – and pubs and restaurants will also close, but takeaway is still allowed

Ikea bosses have thanked their customers for continuing to shop in their stores during the pandemic – and commended the staff for their hard work during these troubled times

The retail giant will be closing stores in the south east of England, London and Wales, but delivery and click and pickup services will remain in place

Scotland’s three Ikea locations will remain open, however, meaning shoppers can visit superstores in Glasgow and Edinburgh, as well as the order and pick-up point in Aberdeen

An Ikea spokesman said: “In these still extraordinary times, we would like to thank all of our customers for their support and our employees for their amazing agility and togetherness.

“Since the initial lockdown, we have made every effort to keep our customers and employees safe and to allow our customers to continue shopping with us in new and convenient ways

“As per government policy, our London, Lakeside, Milton Keynes, Reading and Cardiff branches are now closed to customers but will continue to operate Click & Collect, Home Delivery and Click & Deliver services for DPD points

“In Scotland, where housewares are a must-see retail store and comply with travel regulations, we will continue to take extensive security measures for customers and employees

“With home life more important than ever, we look forward to continuing to serve our customers’ needs in-store or through our digital channels”

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