There are currently nine of London’s 32 boroughs that have lower coronavirus infection rates than some areas of Berkshire as Boris Johnson is coming under increasing pressure to keep all elementary schools in England closed

The government has been accused of causing “chaos” after yesterday (Friday, Jan. January) had decided at the last minute to do a 360 degree turn and close all London elementary schools

The decision was made after the high rates of coronavirus infection continued to put additional pressure on the capital’s hospitals

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson announced on Wednesday (Jan. December) that the start of school will be delayed for all secondary schools as well as for some elementary schools in Covid hotspots in south-east England and in some parts of London

Two days later, under increasing pressure from the London Council Presidents, the government turned around and the list was expanded to include the entire capital

Boris Johnson is now coming under increasing pressure to close every primary school in England One union says ministers have to “do their duty” and keep them closed to contain the coronavirus

Mr Williamson also said more schools outside London may close, warning that the list of closings will be reviewed

When the list was published, it would have been a surprise to many school principals in Slough that the city was not on the list, as the infection rate in the area is comparable to some London boroughs and other areas like Milton Keynes these were included

Realizing that there are currently nine London boroughs, five out of nine Kent territories, and others on the government’s published list of lower rates will only add to that confusion

Below is the rolling rate for seven days (up to 27 December) based on the latest data on the government dashboard for each Berkshire county versus all elementary schools closing areas The ones in bold are currently at a lower rate than some parts of Berkshire

Elementary Schools

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