Una Healy vowed never to speak negatively about ex-husband Ben Foden because of her children, and recently revealed that this went horribly wrong

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Saturday star Una Healy spoke about her relationship with ex-husband Ben Foden, with whom she shares two young children after he was unfaithful

Ben, the father of Aiofe (eight) and Tadhg (six), admitted to cheating on Una during their marriage and apologized

Una divorced Ben in 2018 and has since married Jackie Belanoff Smith two weeks after their relationship began Last May she welcomed her little daughter Farrah Abra Foden and they live in the USA

During her show on Tuesday, Lorraine interviewed Una, saying, “Your ex-husband is dating someone else now, he has one child but you share two children so you will always have this relationship

“And I have to say I congratulate you on making this work for you because children are the most important things”

“You are so young too, so it is very important to maintain the best possible relationship with your father, even though he lives very far away and has a new wife and child

“I always try to maintain the relationship they have, they communicate and they were only at FaceTime yesterday

“He sees her when he can, but I will always try to protect this relationship as best I can

“And because I’m in public I get asked about him, I would never badmouth him or say anything bad because I just don’t think that’s fair for the kids

Una also shared the funny story of a recent appointment that went terribly wrong when the man got into an accident on the way

“We talked for weeks in the first lockdown, got on like a burning house, we had a Skype dinner date

“On my way to meet him, when the barrier was lifted, I got on the train and got a text that said: ‘I was just knocked down, hit by a van’

“He’s been on one of those little bikes you can rent and I thought I hope he’s fine so I waited and then he shows up and his head is all over the place

“‘I think I’m worried, maybe I’m worried’ – so we went to the hospital and I was really unsure about the whole thing I thought this was just bizarre, I thought, was he really down or just say that because he’s nervous? “

Una announced that she had called her mother who warned her to leave – but her date came back from the hospital and they continued their meeting but didn’t get along

She added, “That’s the danger of online dating build that date in your head, but it might be a let down”

Una Healy

World News – GB – Saturday star Una Healy refuses to have a bad mouth from Ben Foden in front of the children

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