Norad Tracks Santa has been around since 1955 and allows you to see in real time where Santa Claus is in the world

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The excitement in Northern Ireland is feverish as excited boys and girls wait for Santa Claus to arrive this Christmas

And now, thanks to the magic of science, you can check in real time where Santa Claus is on his journey before you jump in bed and make sure you sleep soundly before he hits Northern Ireland

NORAD Tracks Santa has existed since 1955 and is produced by the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)

The then chief of operations, Colonel Harry Shoup, had his staff check the radar for signs that Santa Claus was heading south from the North Pole

Children who called were informed of its location and the tracker was born Before it became an interactive tool, children could find out where Santa Claus was by calling the NORAD hotline in December

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the NORAD team will continue to work to ensure that we are all up to date on Santa’s movements

According to the provisions of Covid-19, the number of Norad employees in the lines in 2020, the 65th Year of service, be limited

Norad spokesman Preston Schlachter said, “We understand that this is a time-honored tradition, and we know no doubt that there will be some disappointments

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Tracking Santa is Easy You can find out his whereabouts on Christmas Eve and enjoy other fun activities by just clicking here

Alternatively, Google also has its own fun Santa tracker, which you can check out here

Santa Tracker

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