Seven games within a month seem to have brought William Saliba’s confidence in a world of good

He regularly plays football for the new club Nice, deserves praise for his achievements in the heart of the defense and seems far happier with life after seven stressful months at Arsenal

If he stays up to date, he will be well placed to fight for a first team spot in the Emirates next season. That is if he doesn’t burn all of his bridges with Mikel Arteta beforehand

A third interview with the French media in as many weeks raises some eyebrows, especially given the barbed wire of some of his comments

“It’s clear that so much has changed in the last year,” the 19-year-old told RMC’s “Top of the Foot” program

“When I saw the coach changed, a lot changed for me too. A lot changed this year. He [Arteta] judged me after two and a half games. I would have liked him to play me more But he told me I wasn’t ready

“I’ve been waiting for him to give me a chance, but football is like this. When I came to Arsenal the league looked very good so I showed myself to practice and wanted to train on my own to show the coach that I was ready

“I’m happy now, I want to play for Nice. The idea of ​​being part of a team makes me feel better”

While Saliba bears the sympathies of the majority of Gunners fans who recognize he has been neglected by the club, he would probably do well to keep his head down and focus on playing instead of talking / p>

From today’s perspective, it feels like he’s driving a wedge between himself and the club / coach, and that won’t benefit him if he wants a shot at the Emirates

Hopefully this is more youthful naivety than a strategic move, but we’ll see how things play out over the coming weeks and months

I can’t wait for the internet to do its thing and Arteta jerks Willian down

Yes you got 2.5 games and I think you didn’t make it. If Nice is your level mate, go ahead

I think he has a right to be upset. It doesn’t even look fair to me how he was treated with the caliber of players we had, it didn’t look fair in the competitions we entered it didn’t look fair

He has absolutely every right to be angry, but it seems everyone forgets the reasons Arteta gave or conveniently tries to ignore them for a CB his age, given the limited appearances in his career up to that point, it would have been can go one way or another in a new league.We saw what happened to Senderos, a promising CB that was rocked here and there by Drogba.If I’m not mistaken, after that Champions League loss to Liverpool he even broke into Tears out and that was the end of his journey with… Continue reading »

But it’s not that easy. We reportedly paid about £ 27m for him. If he wanted to “keep going” there, you’d probably sell him. That could mean Arsenal may need to sell him depending on the market and so on Takes a pretty big loss (It’s not what it was when we bought it in the summer of 2019) We could force him to come back I think, but would that get the most out of an already angry gamer? When he comes back, he could just sit in the reserves or at home, although no one benefits from it and it looks like … Read more »

I agree with Goonerrific Yes, he has the right to be angry, but why over and over in public? Ligue 1 is not the first division and saliba was apparently very good in st etienne before, how pepe has been for lille. Still, I really don’t understand why Arteta didn’t try him, he hesitated to play as much as saka and esr now So he would have been wrong about saliba, too. The whole time (before he got nice) I thought it was Saliba’s personal problems that kept Arteta from playing him, turned to… Continue reading »

Wouldn’t be surprised if it were sold Chambers will be kept Not necessarily about the quality of the players, but Chambers is English, and under the rules of post-Brexit it would make sense for Arsenal to use the Hale End Academy as a monetizing asset Get young English players from the lower leagues -> bring them to the Premier League -> if the player is okay, sell them to championship advancement hopefuls or lower-half teams, otherwise sell to teams in Europe if there is is really good, keep it Just like we do with younger foreign players like Omar Rekik, Nikolaj Möller,… Read more »

As Mr Miyagi says: “They are not bad students, just bad teachers” Guendo and Saliba are talents of the generation, but in the end they are little children Arteta / Edu they abused badly No excuses

I’m not sure if you can match Guendozi with Saliba there. He’s had attitude issues before and I’m not convinced he’s that special

At the age of 19/20 he started countless games under Emery Mkhitaryan in his first season in the PL and Özil called him the best young player they have played with Maupay is a cunt that even Brighton doesn’t like How about when we support our young players instead of piling up? Endless patience for Xhaka, but Guendo gets exile?

Perhaps Guendouzi should have shared his feelings with reducers on Maupay during the game instead of waiting for him behind the bike shed after the game

Even if he’s a shit / spoiled brat the best way to keep things normal is to keep the value Now everyone knows that Arteta hates Guendouzi who still has an ear on his contract How much money will we get for him?

I’m fed up with people talking like accountants In Wenger’s time there was only one criticism, “He doesn’t do defense / video”, now everyone has a million sticks to beat the manager with. If we had no money, we didn’t spend it If we spend money now, we’re wasting money Arteta doesn’t run your father’s shop Stop it Focus on the play, not the tabloid shit

Arteta has to admit his mistake, but he should focus on football from now on and keep his head down

Just speculation, but you are wondering if he did or said something to piss MA

Given Saliba’s less than diplomatic interviews and the boss’s intolerance of “attitudes”, it just feels possible

In any case, this guy is well paid by us and should professionally respect the club’s decisions

Saliba does not live in China / Myanmar / Russia He is entitled to speak his mind Arteta can handle criticism – he is a grown man

I think he might have turned up pissed off for missing the French Cup final It would have been me too. It was petty by Arsenal

Saliba on his way to ending his Arsenal career before it even begins What a shame

The reaction of the fans to his “attitude” is a bit big. He is interviewed and answers honestly. Arteta judged him far too quickly and made it her goal to protect him Nobody advocated that he play every game, but it’s perfectly clear that he was fucked around. Should he say, “Well, it was a really great experience and I loved my time there and I can’t wait to get out Nice to come out and back to Arsenal and prove myself “just to make fans and coaches happy? I appreciated his honesty and actually gave face-to-face interviews… Read more »

A level-headed approach would be to let the guy vent a little and not take everything personally

MrBlog is in love with Arteta and that’s why he doesn’t like Willian either, as he has become a love for Arteta. Blogs never blame Arteta, they blame everyone else

Assuming he doesn’t want to come back and play for Arsenal, how much could we get back for him? He’s still a young and exciting talent but if we sell then there’ll probably only be French clubs coming for him and they won’t pay £ 30m

Forget French Clubs Nobody’s Going to Pay a Premium for a Wanted Player In these situations, getting into the sale is pretty easy

If we want to make it up to you we will take our guilt in the situation and when he comes back, PLAY HIM !!! He deserves a chance, in fact he deserves a lot more than a chance to have Mustafi and an injured Mari in front of you is just embarrassing It seems to be another example of Mikel trying to show who is responsible for the problem with all this macho Attitude is that his treatment of Willian (AWOL), Xhaka (wrong tough guy) and Luiz (David Luiz) compared to Douzi and Saliba is just embarrassing Older gamers who get away with things and… Read more »

At this point, I hope Arteta gets fired before we have to sell Guendouzi and Salina and Balogun

It can’t be a surprise, right? He clearly believes he has been badly treated by the club (and so have I, but that’s what he thinks is important) and I suspect he will work to make a permanent move as soon as possible that will turn us into a Dilemma because after endless “problems” with another high profile player who has now left – we all know who that was – do we really want another player to join us so soon? I doubt that How this mess will be resolved remains to be seen, but the club… Continue reading »

Arteta / the club fucked him He has the right to express himself and Arteta / Edu have to apologize (publicly) to Saliba and start over

Whining about it won’t do him any favors, however, Arteta have clear favorites (for example, if Nelson misplaces a pass he’ll be removed from the squad immediately, while Willian can’t go wrong) and although I like how he makes us more solid defensively he has to put more trust in Hale End

How about our new trainer showing a little humility and admitting that he screwed it up, just like his dealings with Willian?

Don’t you have school today, brother? It’s Edu’s mistake screwing up his first loan, not Artetas, because he didn’t want to play it

The question remains, why did we spend so much money on a young defender who, in his sophomore season, still isn’t good enough to play for us, who justified this deal?

That “he said they did it I think” is a fluff that shouldn’t distract us from asking the above questions

Relax He’ll be better off doing something good over the next few months Keep that BP in check

MA could turn out to be a great tactician, but the way he treats players could be his undoing

The attitudes of these young French talents are debatable. You may feel sorry or sad, but talk about it to the press? 2.5 games, really? Arteta saw him in training

If his daily appearances matched his ego, he would play like his colleague Fofana

Fofana was also in St. Etienne and was seen as an inferior player on why Fofana is seen as good enough to start for a real top 4 team like Leicester and Saliba is seen as not good enough for Arsenal, Arteta / the club seems really incredibly crappy

The man is frustrated. He knows he’s good, he borrows and then gets awards almost instantly. His ego is now puffed up to puffer fish levels. He’s chewing on a huge piece of “I told you” cake The thing is We can all already see that, Arteta too. The most powerful thing he can do now is not to talk about us at all and just kill it out there. If anything, the club and fans will be more scared and ask themselves: ” Does he miss us at all? Does he still want us? What’s on his mind? “… Continue reading»

I think attitude / talking destroys careers, but only for those who are not really that talented and then we notice and refer them
There are good players in big clubs who hide with pretty bad attitudes and behaviors

I remember taking the quiz with Lacazette and Saliba didn’t consider himself an Arsenal player for not playing a game It wasn’t hard to read between the lines and you can’t blame him for being himself Feels upset about how he was treated

A big part of the reason these bit-part players (apparently) feel like they can just stand up and talk is because they see the first-team’s poor performances, and not necessarily their own quality, anyway Defense pretty good overall this season Gabriel, Holding and Cedric messed up against Villa, but that definitely wasn’t a given.Until just before the Wolves game we were the league’s second strongest defense, both players and fans might need some on these matters Gaining Level of Purpose Playing football professionally is a job even… Read more »

We handled the loan badly in October We had enough time to find a reasonable move for him However, this is disproportionate, he’s 19, maybe he’s not quite finished yet Smith-Rowe wasn’t quite finished last season This season it has matured after its loan Take a look at how Saka has evolved over the past 15 months Throwing in young players before they are ready does more harm than good, especially in key areas if you are ambitious and want to play football regularly, I like to see that he is understandably a bit annoyed with young players, it is not… Read more »

Maybe, just maybe that Saliba is the guy who’s just taking and commenting on something MA doesn’t like to hear And so he was branded NOT ready I think MA has done a good job so far but that means not that I agreed with every one of his decisions – “He needed a transition year” but Gabriel was hired immediately, even if he doesn’t have a preseason – William is a seasoned Premier League player but struggled to show why we were him in Have given this age a long contract, while his former club does not. But he… Continue reading »

Even if it turns out to be world class, we don’t want another confident footballer with an ego bigger than the Emirates Stadium

Has anyone heard of a similar situation? When a player comes on for a lot of money, they play a few friendlies to get completely excluded from the squad and don’t even get a chance to play against opponents well below the level they are used to from their old club is

It gets rather uncomfortable that young players don’t realize that Arteta can improve them for good reason, too. Even Eddie, that was his project, he gave up Willock played tons of games, he had no plan for him, now loaned Nelson Nowhere to be seen after all the praise Arteta gave him The same goes for AMN, Loan Balogun can’t get a game, Saliba was treated like a 13 year old scholar (compare to Leicester and Fofana) and rightly doesn’t want to go back Couldn’t manage Guendouzi who called his bluff and left I’m also not sure if he wants to go back Gabriel… Read more »


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