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Former Loose Women star Saira Khan has received death threats after revealing she is no longer a practicing Muslim

The 50-year-old, who is from Pakistan, said she was forced to reveal her decision because of years of feeling “guilty, imprisoned and unhappy”

The TV star stated that her decision was based on the fact that she couldn’t pretend she was someone I wasn’t for long to keep her family happy

Saira insisted that “this was the last taboo that had to be overcome before I could live my best life”

Her decision has resulted in a number of death threats being sent to her, and she recently spoke about them on an Instagram live

She said, “I have had death threats. As long as you as a woman are not of this background or ethnicity, you will never understand the barriers and obstacles – the deaths in your life We are about 100 years behind in terms of free speech or individualism, freedom and freedom of choice

“You can’t believe the news I received. I’m not going to come out and say that I practice the religions because I don’t”

She also wrote in her latest column for The Mirror: “To say I am a Muslim and then to have a friend, to wear clothes that violate the Muslim dress code, to have a drink and to live a non-Muslim life , only brings blame Self-loathing, loneliness and the feeling of being locked in “

The apprentice star added that she does not want to “accidentally confuse, advocate, or inadvertently violate the Muslim faith” and stated that she is influenced by other teachings outside of Islam

“It took me until I was 50 to find the courage to say it,” she shared. “I’m doing it now for my own well-being. I want to be honest and feel free to follow my life after mine Living my own rulesI have found great relief, if I’m honest

“I know that one of the reasons I have been so angry and unhappy in my life is because of the many contradictions I have had to live with

“I have never dared share these feelings because of the few Muslim women who are labeled sinful and some have even faced death threats”

During your stay in Pakistan, you can face the death penalty for criticizing the faith and any recognized religion

As one of four children from a Pakistani family, Saira has spoken many times about her experience as a first generation immigrant in the UK

And in 2017 she beat up Islamic extremists for their “prehistoric” views after receiving a death threat for criticizing an Australian preacher

The Loose Women panelist at the time shared a vacation picture of herself face down in a bikini in response to Umm Jamaal ud-Din’s comments that it was a sin for Muslim women to pluck their eyebrows

Saira told the audience, “I was so angry that there was a woman here, and of all the things she could preach that go on in our religion, she chooses eyebrows and makes women feel bad

“‘It’s a sin’ she said” So I defiantly posted this and said you are a prehistoric dinosaur for bringing out something like that. Honestly, I have to tell you Andrea, I said a lot of things and speaking out against extremism, the things I received as a result of this picture. Imagine the worst, most hideous comments I received and among them was a death threat

“What kind of world are we living in? This is 2017 my husband pulled me aside and said you have two kids, you don’t know what nutters are out there, you can’t talk about it, let it go

“I thought I couldn’t speak out loud because the only image people have of Muslim women is these extremists I want people to know that I’m a Muslim woman, I want to wear a bikini, me pluck my eyebrows Killing other people in the name of religion is a sin, not plucking eyebrows “

Saira, who has been trolled on Instagram in the past for sharing lingerie selfies, previously shared the hateful threat that read, “Shut up

“You are not a Muslim and you do not represent anything to do with Islam. Your white masters have given you what you want as a sold-out reporter

Then, in December 2019, Saira said she had been classified as “racist” and “sold out white” in the past for speaking out against radicalization

The ITV star said that while it was “difficult” for her to discuss her community, she felt that some were ignoring British cultural norms

The mother of two said to Loose Women: “Sometimes I find it very difficult to sit here and talk about a culture that I belong to. But I have to because this is my country. I was born and am here British

“I love living in a multicultural society, but I think we all need to wake up and see that we live on cultures, on my side, where they go against British values ​​and we allow people to get away with it

“We’re allowing people to get away with it because we’re not an integrated society,” she added

“I have been speaking about radicalization of young people in this country since the 1980s and when I speak about it I am a ‘racist’ or I am being informed by the community that I am a white sell-out

“This is happening so there is nothing I can do myself I will give you a glimpse of parts of the community where things are not right”

The panelist has been married to husband Steve Hyde since 2004 and has two children together – Zach and Amara Hyde

In her column for The Mirror, Saira stated that she wanted to “evaluate her priorities” and admitted that the ongoing Covid pandemic was a factor in her decision

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