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Sabrina Carpenter released “Skin” and his lyrics make fans think that the entire love triangle of Olivia Rodrigo / Joshua Bassett has just reached another level

Sabrina Carpenter’s surprising release of her new song “Skin” had fans who revisited Olivia Rodrigo’s / Joshua Bassett / Sabrina’s love triangle theory, as her lyrics seem to be a direct response to “Drivers License”

While the meaning of Joshua’s song “Lie Lie Lie” is said to be about an old friend, we’re not so sure now that we’ve heard Sabrina’s release

We take a closer look at the texts of “Skin” and the link to “Drivers License”

In ‘Skin’, Sabrina seems to be directly responding to Olivia’s’ driver’s license ‘as the actress begins,’ Maybe we could have been friends / If I had met you in another life / Maybe we could pretend / It there is no gravity in the words we write ‘

The biggest clue of all that Sabrina deals with the theory in Olivia’s song that she is “the blonde girl that always made me doubt” is when she sings, “Maybe you didn’t mean it that way / Maybe “blonde” was the only rhyme ‘

As Olivia sings about her heartbreak after losing her boyfriend – who is supposedly Josh – to another girl, Sabrina seems to be telling her side of the story

She continues with “skin”: “You can try / get under my, under mine, under my skin / while he’s on mine”

Sabrina and Josh started last year, a few months after speculation that Olivia would see her high school musical: The Musical – The Series co-star

Yes, everything on mine, everything on mine, everything on my skin I wish you knew that too

Sabrina Carpenter

World news – GB – Sabrina Carpenter’s ‘Skin’ texts address Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Drivers License’