Former Tottenham midfielder Ryan Mason has urged football to replace concussion replacements after David Luiz and Raul Jimenez’s pathetic head fight on Sunday

The pair struck the heads just five minutes into the game at Emirates Stadium, which Wolves beat Arsenal 2-1 The game was paused for 10 minutes as both players received medical attention on the field

Jimenez was given oxygen and was carried off the field on a stretcher before being rushed to the hospital As of Monday morning, the wolves said he was “fine” after an operation on a broken skull last night. He will now be under observation for a few days while he begins his recovery

Luiz, on the other hand, had bandaged his head and returned to the field for another 40 minutes before being substituted at halftime

Arsenal insists that all medical protocols were followed by Luiz and that he was replaced during the break due to a cut on the head which made him uncomfortable directing the ball

However, the Brazilian who continues to play has drawn criticism from Headway, a brain injury charity, and Mason has reiterated his call for concussion replacements

“It’s pretty clear that five minutes on the field side while the pressure is on to restart the game is not enough to see if anyone is affected or not,” he told talkSPORT

“It’s just not enough I’m all for bringing in concussion subs I think that’s a good idea to go ahead, go to a quiet room and test thoroughly and properly, as this type of protocol, that we have is out of order and dangerous

“The thought of someone playing wrong with concussions and beheading balls, the damage that could potentially do in the long term is not a nice thought”

Mason had to retire at the age of 26 due to the fractured skull he suffered against Chelsea in 2017 while playing for Hull City

The former midfielder said at the time he had “worked tirelessly” to play again but the risks involved were too great

“I’m very sensitive and I’m pretty passionate about this topic that I’ve spoken to so many people about over the past three years,” added Mason. “Nothing happened, nothing changed

“I hope this incident [between Luiz and Jimenez] will make people stand up and realize that certain kinds of challenges cannot always be perceived and dealt with in the same way as an individual’s Immediate Health in danger and not only that, but also their long term health ”

Ryan Mason

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