Rupert Everett told Piers Morgan in life stories that he remembered the “grief” of being left behind in a boarding school that recorded his bowel movements

Rupert Everett stunned viewers during his appearance on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories when he learned about his extraordinarily unusual family life, including bizarre bedtime routines

The 61-year-old Belgravia actor announced that he was sent to boarding school at the age of seven When he returned home for the holidays, he would share a bed with his mother until he was a teenager

Rupert also told Piers that he went on his first fox hunt when he was 11 and that his family members smeared the dead fox’s blood on his face, reports MirrorOnline

Rupert replied, “No, of course not, nobody in my family has ever said that The biggest compliment in my family that you have ever received was being ‘well parked’ while driving

“I had great affection for my mom, I slept with my mom until I was 14, and we rolled our toes together in bed

“I had a very tactile relationship with my mother, but none of the men in my family”

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Piers asked if Rupert remembered the day he arrived at boarding school and Rupert said, “I remember it very well

“That was really the moment in my life when everything changed, the kind of sadness you feel as a kid when you are left behind in a crush of other kids

Rupert remembered “crying and crying and crying in my little bed” and said his mother cried too

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He explained about the bizarre rituals of the boarding school, saying, “You had taken your temperature every morning and had to say whether you had a s ** t or not”

Rupert added that students caught talking after the lights went out would be hit on the buttocks with a shoe

Rupert Everett

World News – UK – Rupert Everett slept in the same bed as his mother until he was 14 years old