Fred West is dead and Rose West is in jail – we all know that much – but what happened to her children?

They terribly abused the majority of them, killing two. They had five children together while Fred brought two from his relationship with ex-Rena, and Rose, who was a prostitute, had three of her clients

Fred and Rose murdered Heather in 1987 when she was only 16 years old.They claimed she took a summer camp job before changing her story and saying she ran away

According to the Daily Star, Heather’s younger brother Barry said he saw Mother Rose kill her by stamping on her head After that she “stopped moving”

Now Mae is a mother herself and has written a book called Love As Always about her relationship with her parents

She appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain in 2018 when she admitted she feared her father could have killed many more people than those he buried in the family home

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Mae, whose identity was protected on GMB, said, “We didn’t see any evidence of this at all. People ask me,“ Do you think he quit? ”And I don’t think he did I think he did has stopped using the house ”

Charmaine was the daughter of Fred’s ex-partner Rena. She was pregnant when they met and Fred raised Charmaine to be his own daughter

Rose murdered Charmaine in 1971 when she was eight while Fred was in jail for petty theft. She hid her remains so Fred could bury her when he got out

Charmaine’s mother, Rena, knocked on the Wests to ask about her daughter – just so Fred could murder her and bury the body in Letterbox Field, Gloucester

Stephen attempted suicide in 2002 but survived. In 2004, as reported in the Daily Mail, he was jailed for having sex with an underage girl

Attorney Stephen Mooney, who worked for Stephen, said of his client’s behavior: “He had one of the most traumatic and agonizing childhoods imaginable, and what happened has affected his emotional development

“Anyone who has suffered like him tends to remain emotionally less developed for their age”

He had one of the most traumatic and agonizing childhoods … what happened affected his emotional development

Like the majority of his siblings, Stephen’s parents physically abused him. He also unknowingly dug Heather’s grave after Father Fred told him it was for a garden pond

Anne Marie was Charmaine’s half-sister, Fred was her biological father, and Rena was her mother. The Wests raised her after Fred murdered her mother

Fred raped her repeatedly when she was eight and the abuse continued into her teenage years

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Anne Marie testified against both Fred and Rose during her murder trial. She attempted suicide in 1999

She described her terrible childhood in a book called “Out of the Shadows: Fred West’s Daughter Tells Her Horrific Survival Story”

Barry, Tara, Louise, Rosemary Jr., and Lucyanna were all cared for in 1992 after the Wests were accused of sexual abuse

Fred West did not abuse Tara, whose father was one of Rose’s clients, like her siblings

She said, according to Spiegel, “I now realize that Dad was only interested in his natural daughters. He thought they were his property Because I wasn’t his daughter, he left me alone”

Rose West

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