Two lengthy red flag breaks meant the morning time trial lasted three and a half hours, but Johan Kristoffersson and Molly Taylor showed up on top for the squad of 2016 Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg

The RXR team was drawn to join on Jan. finishing sixth on the 48-mile track in the AlUla region, with Kristoffersson taking over the start for a super clean and efficient lap

He turned into the driver transition area and handed it to Australian rally champion Molly Taylor, who overcame a tremendous moment as the rear of the car shot up

But she kept the Odyssey 21 E-SUV under control to cross the line for a combined time of 10m43 and run565s, which the driver duo would hold for the remainder of the session

The X44 team, deployed by Lewis Hamilton and led by Prodrive, was the first to take to the track with nine-time rally world champion Sebastien Loeb at the wheel

On the way to the first dune where the course narrows, he suffered a major slip before being handed over to teammate Cristine Gutierrez to complete the 10m48067s run, 45s behind RXR

Carlos Sainz Sr and Laia Sanz shared the Acciona machine in third place. An unpredictable but entertaining run by team stakeholder Sainz meant he lost 12 seconds ahead of Loeb, with the duo 33 seconds off the pace / p>

Countless reliability problems with the opposing teams resulted in Andretti United’s concern landing in fourth place despite Catie Munnings suffering a right rear tire puncture in the final third of the lap

Jenson Button’s JBXE team was also hit by problems When the 2009 F1 World Champion hit a bump during shakedown, the car went into neutral

Due to a lack of data, the car’s engine was shut down by 8%, and at the end of the team run, the battery capacity was 26% left

Team colleague Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulunisky had the same neutral problem as the day before and stopped for almost half a minute. The team will now change the engine

Hispano Suiza was the only competitor to start his driver, but Christine Giampaoli Zonca sped through the 30 km / h driver transition area, finishing a 75-second penalty. She and team-mate Oliver Bennett were 2:25 minutes off the pace and finished sixth

The Chip Ganassi Racing shakedown issues continued after a 12V battery issue, and a role for Kyle LeDuc meant the team was working to fix the car until 5:00 a.m.

Neither LeDuc nor Sara Price had managed to complete a lap before qualifying and were then hit by a power steering error as they left the line 2m50s

At the foot of the first dune, Stephane Sarrazin met a camel grass bush and rolled the car twice.It could only be brought back to the service park after the session

The team expects to fix it in time in the afternoon, but will have to change the battery first for safety reasons

A second red flag was triggered after a major shunt for Abt Cupra driver Claudia Hurtgen. She took over the car from team mate Mattias Esktrom and corrected a slide When the rear of the car hit a bump, she dug into it

She rolled around twice before the car began to spin, then turned twice more

Hurtgen walked away from the rubble without any help and is said to have only bitten his tongue

Although there are enough spare parts on site for three full cars, Abt Cupra is likely to miss the qualifying run in the afternoon as the car requires a complete chassis change

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