Rade union bosses have called for a “sense of fairness” after Chancellor Rishi Sunak proposed a public sector wage freeze

The Chancellor insisted the nation would not return to austerity next week, but left open in Wednesday’s spending review the option to freeze wages for millions of public sector workers

Mr Sunak told Sky’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday: “You won’t see any austerity measures next week What you will see is an increase in government spending on day-to-day public services, which is a pretty significant increase that we are seeing”had last year” ”

But while saying that he “cannot comment on future wage policy,” added Sunak, “When we started the spending review, I told departments that it would be perfectly reasonable for us to think about public payrolls”to think of those in the context of the general business climate”

The unions have reacted angrily at the prospect and there is a potential for industrial action if a freeze is confirmed

Frances O’Grady, chairwoman of the TUC trade union confederation, appealed for a “sense of fairness” by urging ministers not to impose a public sector wage freeze that is supposed to exempt frontline NHS workers

“We’ve seen ministers join millions of us clapping firefighters, garbage collectors and social workers – I don’t think this is the time to reward them with a real cut in wages,” she told Ridge

“If you want to motivate a workforce while we are facing a second wave of a pandemic and we are going to have a harsh winter – we all know this – the last thing you threaten to do is cut their wages”

Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds said a freeze in public sector wages would destroy confidence in the economy and “pit different groups of workers against each other”

“To be clear, I don’t think there should be this frost now, I think it’s very damaging economically, it’s an irresponsible decision,” said the Labor MP

Shadow Economy Secretary Lucy Powell said it was “morally” wrong to freeze the pay of those who supported the nation during the pandemic

“It would be an absolute kick in the teeth for her after the terrible months and difficult months to come,” she told Ridge

In the spending review, Mr. Sunak will receive a $ 3 billion package Introducing GBP to help NHS recover from pandemic The Treasury Department says the NHS $ 1 billion GBP is obtained to fix arrears by catching up on checks, scans and surgeries that have been delayed by Covid-19

Approximately £ 15 billion will be used to relieve existing pressures on health care and £ 500 million will be used to support mental health services

Mr. Sunak will also implement the much belated national infrastructure strategy for long-term spending of $ 100 billion Describe in detail the GBP to tackle the climate crisis and invest in transport

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World News – UK – Anger after Rishi Sunak proposed a possible public sector wage freeze

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