If you return to Dunblane with Lorraine Kelly, the presenter will be the 25th Celebrate the anniversary of the tragic shootout

During the ITV program, the 61-year-old host returns to town to speak to survivors and relatives of the victims

On 13 March 1996, the shooter Thomas Hamilton opened fire on 16 children and their teacher in the gym of Dunblane Elementary School

The incident shocked the world and resulted in severe changes to gun laws in Britain

Even so, many children at Dunblane Elementary School still suffer – both mentally and physically

In his younger years, the murderer did not know his father and grew up with his mother’s adoptive parents

At the age of 20 he became deputy head of his local boy scout club

However, it wasn’t long before he was told to leave after complaints from concerned parents

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Andy opened up the incident in 2019 and said, “You asked me a while ago why tennis is important to me Obviously I had what happened in Dunblane when I was around nine

“I’m sure it would be difficult for all the kids there for a variety of reasons. The fact that we knew the guy, we went to his kids club, he was in our car, we drove and had him at train stations and other things deposed ”

The presenter who worked at GMTV previously announced that she is still haunted by the memory of the massacre

She once said: “That was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life, and I don’t think there will be anything like it anymore”When I came back, I remembered a lot of things

“I remember the press conference and journalists are pretty persistent – they just have to be to survive – but I’ve seen grown men in tears”

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