The Prime Minister’s announcement’ Roadmap out of lockdown ‘was welcomed in Kent as residents are thanked for their efforts to bring Covid-19 rates across the county during the last lockdown

Boris Johnson has unveiled plans for the return of schools, socializing, and some sports next month as part of government plans to ease lockdown restrictions Sept. On March 1st, all students of all years return to the classroom, the after-school sports and activities are resumed, and it is also allowed to socialize with another person in parks and public places. Further dates and the relaxation of restrictions have also been described and can be found at wwwRegierunguk / coronavirus

Cases in Kent are currently 749 per 100000, which is below the average for the South East and England * Hospitals across the county remain very preoccupied with the number of severe cases that are still of concern as the Kent and Medway CCG has launched the vaccination program and more than 450Has delivered 000 shocks

Andrew Scott-Clark, KCC public health director, says the decline in cases has been positive, but cautioned not to relax too soon and urged residents to continue to follow social distancing guidelines, which currently means that travel will be restricted and people should stay home and only go for essential reasons such as shopping, collecting medication, or one exercise session a day. He said, “It’s great that the numbers are going down, but we’re getting to that Point that even a small local outbreak in a workplace in a community can make a big difference and this still makes us very concerned about the more vulnerable residents who are at risk of severe symptoms

“We are revising our outbreak control plans in light of government announcements and are working system-wide with partners to ensure we are ready to carefully manage the easing of restrictions”

He added, “Our NHS colleagues are doing a fantastic job rolling out the vaccinations, but it remains the responsibility of all residents to do their part by limiting their social interaction and carefully following all restrictions while still keeping hands take Facial room guidance and please avoid crowded popular places like beaches and parks. We also urge residents to continue to have a symptom-free test at any of the 24 locations in Kent and to follow the instructions if they are found positive to avoid getting the virus Unknowingly Passing On Pending any of the changes described by the government, we encourage people to respect the current lockdown restrictions and remind them that the Kent Police Department will take action against illegal gatherings ”

Roger Gough, chairman of Kent County Council, commended residents for adhering to national lockdown restrictions. He said, “We know it has been an incredibly difficult time for people with Kent, who have faced tougher action since before Christmas, and We are seeing the rewards of that hard work with the government’s recent announcement, we hope to support this path to recovery, and we remain committed to four crucial measures to help us get out of restrictions – as per guidelines; symptom-free testing; contact tracing and enforcement With these four measures we have all made significant strides in identifying and containing the virus across the county, but we need to maintain that focus ”

Talking about plans to reopen schools, Roger Gough added, “Teachers and school staff across Kent did an excellent job raising and educating all of our children and teenagers in very difficult circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic and me I would like to thank them once again for all their efforts. Parents and carers deserve praise as well as the children and young people themselves. Juggling home schooling with work and other tasks and adapting to new ways of working were not so easy and I thank all the families who faced the challenge over the past year

“Our priority is to ensure that all students in Kent are able to reconnect with school staff and their peers through daily school attendance to benefit from high quality face-to-face learning in a safe environment and the social connections that So important to everyone’s health and wellbeing Kent County Council has supported schools throughout the pandemic This continues as all students are welcome again and look to a more positive future ”

There are now more than 315 in Kent000 symptom-free tests performed Residents can book a test at wwwKentRegierunguk / symptomfreetest If you have symptoms, you should book at https: // wwwRegierunguk / get-coronavirus-test

The Kent County Council’s 24-hour helpline remains available and ready to assist Kent’s vulnerable people in urgent need of help, supplies or medication

The Kent Together helpline provides a single point of contact for anyone in the county who needs urgent help during the coronavirus outbreak.It is a collaboration between the KCC, central government, district, community and local councils, the Volunteer and community sectors, the NHS, emergency services and other partners to ensure that help is available to vulnerable and vulnerable people This is also where you can report your concerns about the well-being of others Go to wwwKentRegierunguk / KentTogether or call the 24-24 Hour hotline on 03000 41 92 92 at


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