Matt Damon has done a steady amount of high-profile work over the past few months, and is even close to re-entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however, a point of sale reports that things are going on regarding his relationship with his wife, Luciana Barroso Didn’t go so well Here’s what we know

“Matt & Luciana: On the rocks?” asks Life & Style “Everyone thinks Matt and Luciana are the defining goals of couples But behind closed doors their relationship is far from perfect,” says a source. “Whenever Matt had to travel to work, Luciana complained that he was never been home but now that this is the world her marriage has changed noticeably “

Apparently, “being together at home only added more space between them,” explains the Snitch. “Luciana is frustrated that he wasn’t pulling on his weight and it creates a lot of tension.” The stress was evident, argues the outlet as Damon seems to be relying so much on his best friend Ben Affleck. “Matt needs his place and tries to get out of the house whenever he can. Luciana finds it a bit annoying, though, she feels left out,” the source continues. p>

“Matt used to be so romantic, bought Luciana flowers every week and went out of his way to help the kids, but not so much” As further evidence, the tabloid points out that Damon has not been for “months” was seen more with his wife and he was “wearing his wedding ring on the wrong hand,” which could only be a bad sign, the source notes that the two “had previously been blemished and pulled through”, so the relationship may still survive

Matt Damon and his wife actually quarantined themselves privately with their children in Australia, as the actor will star alongside Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Love and Thunder, and there is no way the couple would opt for it if the quarantine Taking advantage of Damon’s friendship with Ben Affleck is a weak argument at best, especially given that the two have just worked together on The Last Duel, so there is likely still a lot of business and creative conversation left to do And why is it kind of bad to have a best friend for marriage? This is nonsense

Given that Damon and his wife are also selling their old LA mansion and making their smaller New York penthouse their primary residence, the two are clearly on the same page as we can only imagine Damon knowing that he only goes out for flowers every few days when COVID-19 guidelines suggest eliminating unnecessary risk or travel So it’s strange to say that he should be doing this

Likewise, it makes more sense to believe that the actor took his ring off to wash his hands thoroughly, or just because that finger was sore from being wedged on something A ring is neither a relationship nor a message Life & Style incorrectly reported a feud between Damon and Christian Bale on the set of Ford against Ferrari last year, and it doesn’t seem like they have found a better Damon insider since, given how silly this last one is / p>

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