David Medie Jimenez’s match report states that the alleged term of office was not picked up by officials An incident with Malenctar Diakhaby from Valencia and Juan Cala from Cadiz occurred in La Liga on Sunday This article contains racist language that some readers may find onerous

The referee’s report provides more details on the alleged racist incident during the Valencia game in Cadiz on Sunday

The La Liga game was temporarily suspended after the first-half confrontation and verbal exchange between Mouctar Diakhaby from Valencia and Juan Cala from Cadiz caused the visiting team to leave the field

The Valencia players then held a meeting before finishing the game, “to fight for the club’s honor but denounce any kind of racism”

Cala will speak to the media on Tuesday but told Spanish broadcaster Gol on Monday that he was “very relaxed” about the allegations, while Cadiz said the club “does not doubt the honesty of any member of our squad”

Meanwhile, Valencia club president Anil Murthy has urged La Liga to conduct a full investigation, adding: “Valencia CF will fully defend Mouctar Diakhaby”

In the match report, official David Medie Jimenez said the alleged sentence was not heard by any member of the referee team

“In the 29th In the 18th minute I abandoned the game because of a confrontation between players on both sides, player number 12 from Valencia CF.Mouctar Diakhaby, who was once booked over an argument with an opponent, tells me word for word: “He called me a s ***** black man” in relation to player number 16 from Cadiz CF. Juan Torres Ruiz (Juan Cala)

“This fact was not noticed by any member of the referee team. After a few moments, Valencia CF. decide to abandon the field of play.As a result, the game will be temporarily suspended. Both sides enter their respective dressing rooms. After a few minutes of suspension, the Valencia CF. Delegate David Rangel Pastor in the presence of Cadiz CF. Delegate Antonio Navarrete Reyes informs us that they have decided to replace player number 12 Mouctar Diakhaby and continue the game

“In addition, it was agreed that both sides would warm up for five minutes to avoid injuries. The game resumed 24 minutes after the suspension and from that point on it went on as normal”

“I saw the same thing as you,” Cervera said on the club’s website. “They left the field next to the referee because they said Cala had offended one of their players. Cala says he never did the opposing player has insulted “

On Monday, Cala said to Gol: “I am very relaxed. Tomorrow we will say everything in the press conference. It seems to me that in this country innocence is not considered”

Valencia President Murthy said: “There is no doubt that the Valencia CF will fully defend Mouctar Diakhaby and fight to prevent such deplorable events from happening again”

On his talks with La Liga, Murthy added: “We spoke with La Liga this morning to encourage them to continue their investigation until the end. This incident cannot be left behind and cannot be with any other player for another Team to be repeated

“We are saddened that there was no reaction to stop the game after the incident and that it was our players who left the field of play Given these types of situations, there can be no shortage of action

“From now on, we want a response to changes in these protocols to protect the vulnerable. If we don’t change this, it will set a bad example for everyone”

The incident happened just before half an hour after Diakhaby collided with Cala when Cadiz launched a free kick into the Valencia penalty area

The French defender was visibly angry and was shown a yellow card for unsportsmanlike conduct after an exchange that saw him being held back by teammates Kevin Gameiro and Cadiz ‘Fali

After speaking further with the referee to explain the reason for his outbreak, the player and his teammates walked off the field and down the tunnel, the game reading 1-1

The game resumed 24 minutes later following talks between the Valencia players Captain Jose Gaya revealed that Diakhaby had asked the crew to go ahead without him

Diakhaby was replaced by Hugo Guillamon, while Cala stayed in the Cadiz lineup when restarting until he was substituted at half time. Cadiz won the match at Carranza Stadium 2-1

𝗡𝗢 𝗧𝗢 𝗥𝗔𝗖𝗜𝗦𝗠 ✊🏽✊🏿The team held a meeting and decided to continue the game to fight for the club’s honor but denounce any kind of racism # CádizValencia

A post-game tweet from Valencia stated that they offer their full support to their player

It said: “The player who received a racial slur asked his teammates to return to the field of play WE SUPPORT MOUCTAR NO TO RACISM”

After the game, Gaya said: “Diakhaby mentioned to us that there had been some insults from the opposition and we will not accept that”

We offer our full support @ Diakhaby_5 The player who received a racial slur urged his teammates to return to the fieldWE SUPPORT MOUCTAR𝗡𝗢 𝗧𝗢 𝗧𝗢 ✊🏽✊🏿 picTwittercom / iPtPSpdNYv

“We decided to leave the field and just waited to see what would happen

“We wanted to stay with our team-mate but were told we had to leave the field We came back on the field because we were told we would probably lose the game”

“That’s exactly what happened and Diakhaby asked us to come back too, so we decided to come back

“We did as we were told – we should go back on the field or lose three or possibly a few more points, but we did because Diakhaby asked us to”

“He told us to keep going but he didn’t want to – he’s not happy after the game, he’s pretty upset and very hurt”

Today, tomorrow and always: 𝗦𝗧𝗢𝗣 𝗥𝗔𝗖𝗜𝗦𝗠! 🖐🖐🏻🖐🏼🖐🏽🖐🏾🖐🏿Our full support for @ Diakhaby_5 We will fight to the end to clarify what happened, defend our player and eradicate racism! #JuntsAnemAmunt #AllToPlayFor picTwittercom / RygaquFZlN

A statement by the Cadiz Club on Sunday stated: “We are against any situation of racism or xenophobia, whoever the author is, and we are working to eradicate all perpetrators of these crimes, whether they are from our team originate or not, have to pay for it

“We do not doubt the honesty of all members of our squad who defend the fight against racism resolutely and whose attitude has always been exemplary in all games played

“The club cannot assess the problems of the game between players and we always demand an attitude of respect and responsibility towards opponents”

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