Dancing on Ice Star Rebekah Vardy admitted she was quick to realize she didn’t love Mark Godden, who described her as a’ handsome ‘girl but very expensive to care for’

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Years before Becky found the love of her life in footballer husband Jamie, she was married to a man she met at the local pub

When the Dancing on Ice star was 18, she had a whirlwind romance with Mark Godden

Mark played on the darts team at his local pub in Witney, Oxon, where Becky was a barmaid

They were married in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in the fall of 2001 at an elaborate beach wedding of 7000 pounds – but just a few weeks later things quickly went from bad to worse

“I felt like I should marry him, but quickly realized that I didn’t love him,” Becky later admitted

During an interview with The Mirror in 2017, Mark called the wedding “perfect” and said Becky saw her 1st000-pound dress and her tiara made “beautiful”

Some family members stayed with them in Mexico for two weeks, but when they left the couple alone for a final week, Mark said Becky “changed”

“Things got worse at home. She switched to a promotion job and said she had an overnight job in London,” he told us

“Then she slept with Peter Andre and later sold her story. She was shown in a bra and panties”

While the couple, who had matching Chinese love symbol tattoos on their arms, were still married, they were separated at that time

During the newspaper interview, Rebekah spoke about the size of Andre’s manhood and said, “It was like a Chipolata”

She added, “I told my husband I was going to London to work (Andre) took me upstairs

“I told him I was married I wanted to be honest and knew my marriage was going to end

“I thought he was going to be a fantastic lover. Then he took off his pants! The train price wasn’t worth it”

Last December, legal documents filed by WAG’s attorneys as part of their ongoing trial with Coleen Rooney stated that she had apologized to Peter

Rebekah’s lawyers alleged that she felt “under pressure” in the remark and “apologized” to the singer over the past few years

Although the original 2004 track indicated that she and Mark were together, Rebekah’s camp insisted on being separated while they were technically married

“I was still married to her and got such a rib at work. They put the picture in the bathroom. She told me she would meet the singer for work,” Mark told The Mirror >

“She’s been trying to get into modeling and she’s looking for guys to try to improve their lifestyle”

He said, “She used to spend all my money and not think about buying 160 pounds of jeans, which was a lot all those years ago

“Becky has always loved designer clothes. When I got a layoff of 4 from a jobGot 500 pounds, she spent it ”

When Becky appeared on I’m A Celebrity in 2017, Mark said it was “payback” and he voted to get her through as many bushtucker exams as possible

Mark, who described Rebekah as “a good looking girl but very expensive to look after”, divorced in 2003 and now lives with his partner and children

Regarding Mark’s claims, a representative from Rebekah said, “Perhaps his memory of the marriage is not entirely clear as many of his claims are incorrect

“There was no infidelity while she was married to Mark, and when they settled on a separation, she lived her own life, just like Mark

“She was a very damaged teenager when she met Mark he suggested when she was a teenager, and she agreed because she thought it was the right thing to do as he and his family are so good had been to her

“It was kinder to separate than to stay in a loveless marriage, no one can blame a young girl for it

She also had a long-term relationship with former lower division footballer Luke Foster, who is the father of her son Taylor, but they split in 2013

Becky then found the love of her life, Leicester striker Jamie Vardy, while working as a party planner

She also had Jamie’s 27 Birthday party organized when she was working at Viper Rooms nightclub in Sheffield

“He was the most demanding person you have ever met in your life. He just haunted me,” she revealed during her stay in the jungle of I’m A Celebrity

In an interview with The Sunday Mirror, she said, “When we went out for a drink, he made me laugh a lot, but mostly I thought, ‘This guy’s crazy’ but he won me over”

Just three months later, Becky was pregnant with their first child and gave birth to little Sofia in 2014

Jamie asked the question and they were due to get married in June 2016, but they were forced to move the date forward due to commitments in England

The couple have two other children together, Finlay in 2017 and Olivia last year

Rebekah Vardy

World News – UK – Rebekah Vardy’s first husband was humiliated while sleeping with Peter Andre

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