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But Hibs will be encouraged by the end of the first 45 minutes, with Kevin Nisbet and Martin Boyle almost leveling it

42 ‘A deep ball from the left for the Rangers Patterson sees Doig try to get his flank

The corner is well defended by McGinn and he tries to shoot to the right, but Helander chases him 50 yards before sliding to put it away for a throw

Inswinging ball is hit by Hanlon in the air, who barely gets past the head from a distance of six meters

Newell slides it through for Nisbet, who is 25 yards from goal. He takes a touch and shoots it over the goal while McGregor crawls over the goal.

32 ‘Morelos with a clever flick and Roofe almost gets a shot in the box, but Hibs clears him halfway

Helander and Doidge fight for possession halfway, and the defender is punished for a shot

He finds Nisbet inside looking for Gogic above, but the midfielder has not continued his run

27 ‘Alfredo Morelos and Rangers are well defended in the middle

Patterson sends a ball into the box and Roofe attacks it, but is penalized for a foul

Boyle goes down under the challenge and the whistle sounds – Boyle receives a YELLOW CARD to dive

Gers come forward on the counter and have six breaking halfway, but the train is interrupted and they regain possession of the defense

22 ‘Doidge and Helander face off in mid-air and Gers’ defender stays on the ground

No malice, Helander just seems to go into the back of the Welsh mind

A couple of attempts to score are defended by Hibs, but Patterson puts Morelos on the line

His cross is blocked in the air and Aribo is the first to volley into the corner from eight meters away

Davis finds Morelos on the right and smashes the gate Roofe types home

Two deliveries are made by Helander before Irvine tries from the ledge that McGregor conveniently stops

This time he finds Morelos halfway in half the hibs on the back post and holds him in the lower left before winning a throw-in

It worked for Kent inside, who has a pop from 30 yards that he drags past the gate

15 ‘Another deep ball that dodges everyone in the middle, but Gers keeps it alive

14 ‘McGinn’s favorable corner conceded when Davis threw another ball over the top looking for Kent

The defender gets back in and tries to direct him back to Marciano, but heads him back

10 ‘outswinger from Davis on the right and it’s too high for everyone in the middle

Goldson keeps it in the game and finds Morelos inside, but the striker fouls Newell in a fight and Hibs has the free kick

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Rangers vs Hibernian

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