The UK “no longer has” a system that is directed against people from ethnic minorities, it says in one of No. 10 established review

The Racial and Ethnic Differences Commission said family structure and social class had a greater impact on people’s lives than race

It was said that ethnic children did as well or better than white students, but overt racism persisted, especially online

The commission was formed after protests against racism against Black Lives Matter across the country last summer – sparked by the murder of George Floyd in the United States

The Commission’s report concluded that Britain is not yet a “post-racial country” – but its success in eliminating racial disparities in education and, to a lesser extent, in the economy “should be viewed as a model for other countries to use white majority “

A foreword to the report by Chairman Tony Sewell, an education advisor and ex-charity chief, states: “We are no longer seeing a UK where the system is deliberately directed against ethnic minorities”

While the “obstacles and differences exist”, it continued, they were “diverse and, ironically, very few of them are directly related to racism”

The report added that evidence had shown that factors such as geography and socio-economic background “have a greater impact on life chances than the presence of racism”

On BBC Radio 4’s Today program, Dr Sewell, although there is isolated evidence of racism, there is no evidence that there is “institutional racism” in Great Britain

“We found anecdotal evidence of evidence of actual institutional racism? No, that wasn’t there, we didn’t find that”

Dr Sewell added that the term “institutional racism” is “sometimes misapplied” as “some sort of umbrella term for micro-attacks or racial abuse”

“In fact, we’re almost going to protect the term, we’re almost like to say, look – what you’ve done is look at this thing in terms of the evidence, where there’s a solid assessment and evidence of it, then apply it, deep-seated racism in institutions, yes “

Prof Kehinde Andrews, professor of black studies at Birmingham City University, said the report was not a “real effort to understand racism in the UK”

Prof Andrews said: “It is utter nonsense It is in conflict with all actual evidence This is not a real effort to understand racism in the UK This is a PR move to pretend the problem does not exist”

Dr Halima Begum, executive director of the Runnymede Trust, said she was “deeply disappointed” by the report and that the government did not have the trust of black and ethnic minorities

When asked for her opinion on the Commission’s proposal that Britain was not institutionally racist, she said: “Tell that of the black young mother, who is four times more likely to die in childbirth than her young white neighbor 60% of the time NHS doctors and nurses who died of Covid who were black and ethnic minority workers

“Institutionally, we are still racist and it is deeply worrying when a government-appointed commission investigates (institutional) racism and denies its existence”

She added, “We believe that if the best this government can do is create a style guide on BAME terminology, or what to do about unconscious bias training, or add a few hours of schooling, then fear I This government no longer bears the trust of black and ethnic minorities, least of all with regard to race “

Dr Begum also claimed the report failed to acknowledge the “suffering” of black and ethnic minorities, adding, “All of this is whitewash and script written at 10 Downing Street”

She also noted the eligibility of Dr Sewell and the head of Political Division number 10, Munira Mirza, who played a role in setting up the commission – both have previously questioned the existence of institutional racism

Matthew Ryder QC, the attorney who represented Stephen Lawrence’s family and former Deputy Mayor of London, referred to a 2019 report from the University of Aberdeen that found that working-class white boys had lower educational attainment and having a lower likelihood of going to university still had higher employment rates and higher social mobility than people with an ethnic background

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today program that this indicates that “racism is in the system and does not imply that racism has been removed from the system”

Union leader Sir Keir Starmer said he was “disappointed” with what he had seen so far of the report’s findings and insisted that “structural” issues needed to be addressed

On a visit to Leeds, he told reporters that while there is “an appreciation of the problems, problems and challenges faced by many black and ethnic minorities,” there is also “a reluctance to accept that structurally is “

The report was supposed to be published last year but was pushed back until 2021, with the Commission blaming the delay on Covid restrictions and the large number of public responses

At the time of its launch, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that while much more needs to be done to fight racism, he wants to “change the narrative” to highlight success stories among ethnic minority people and “stop” a sense of the Victimization and Discrimination “

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