We may only be a few months into the next generation of consoles, but it’s already clear why the PlayStation 5 has become this way. Many people are excited about the future of gaming

When Sony finally showed off the console during a State Of Play livestream, the internet got into excitement.The PS5’s extravagant design not only sets it apart from other consoles, it also fixes the PlayStation 4’s cooling problem, which it sounds like like a plane takes off every time you load a game

But no matter how cool a console looks or how advanced the technology is, it will always be the games that decide whether or not it succeeds, the PS5 has both an impressive array of launch titles to showcase the console features, as well as updated PS4 versions of games launched before the PS5

If you’re curious about which games get the most from the PS5, here are the 10 best games available so far

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