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The Home Secretary insisted the UK was “ahead of the curve” in fighting Covid-19, despite having had the second highest number of coronavirus deaths and one of the worst economic successes in Europe

Priti Patel spoke to BBC Radio 4’s Today program this morning amid the chaos in the harbors after it was revealed that a variant of Covid-19 is considered more transmissible than the original

Several countries have closed their borders with the UK while France banned the entry of trucks from the UK, raising concerns over fresh food supplies over the Christmas period

It will be a week before the UK will leave the EU – still without an agreement If there is a no-deal Brexit, it is likely that there will be more problems in the ports next week

Patel tried to minimize the chaos, telling people that a “balanced approach” was needed

She told the audience, “I was just told that there are currently 650 trucks on the M20 and there are 873 trucks at the Manston inland location”

The Home Secretary added: “The government has consistently been ahead of the curve this year in proactive measures on the coronavirus”

During the pandemic, the UK government was criticized for acting too slowly to prevent the virus from spreading

From the start, scientific experts were concerned that the UK was closed too late, including improper treatment of Covid-19 at the border

The UK ranks second after Italy in terms of the total number of Covid-19 deaths, according to official statistics, the UK has 67 this year075 people died of coronavirus

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Regarding possible food shortages, Patel said: “Twenty percent of our goods come through short straits. We worked all year round, despite coronavirus, I should say, to keep the short streets going and to keep the goods moving, but in the supermarkets there is plenty of food

“We also have fresh products in other ways, by air freight and not just across the short straits I think we just have to take a balanced approach to this

“Eighty percent of our goods come, as we know, through different ports and also through freight, and that is air freight, and a lot of fresh products, as we know, come through the airlines, aviation through freight, everything goes on I think Here it is important to have a sense of perspective ”

This morning retail chiefs warned that all trading and transport across the canal must resume to avoid disrupting UK supply chains

Andrew Opie, Director of Food and Sustainability at the British Retail Consortium, said that “the borders really need to be pretty free from tomorrow to reassure us there will be no disruption”

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today program: “There may be a problem right after Christmas and it really is with fresh produce So we’re talking about things like lettuce, vegetables, and fresh fruit, the vast majority of which are from Europe this time around

“The problem is actually empty trucks The empty trucks now stuck in Kent have to return to places like Spain to pick up the next shipment of raspberries and strawberries and they have to return within the next day or so, otherwise we will see disruption ”

He added, “As long as it can be resolved today, there will be minimal impact on consumers Keep in mind that shops are closed on Christmas Day which takes a day of purchase out of the equation, but the trucks stuck in Kent You have to be back the next day ”

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