Portsmouth will be placed in Tier 4 restrictions starting at midnight (Saturday) with the government making it very clear that people should not travel there or out of the area to inquire about taking the ferry to the Isle of Wight to ask

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced in a press conference from Downing Street this afternoon that millions of people in London and the South East – including Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant – will face strict Tier 4 lockdowns starting tomorrow

Individuals in Tier 4 areas are directed not to travel outside of their local community, and Individuals in Levels 1 through 3 are directed not to travel in Tier 4 areas

Worryingly, the Fishbourne car ferry and the Fastcat catamaran from Wightlink both go to Portsmouth Hovertravel’s Ryde Southsea service also lands in the Level 4 restricted area. Both of the Solent-spanning operators employ people in the city of Portsmouth

It is unclear at this hour how these latest restrictions will affect those traveling to and from the island via Portsmouth

Islanders looking to do some last-minute Christmas shopping in Pompey must travel to Southampton instead All non-essential retail stores in Portsmouth

will close for the next 7 hours

The restrictions remain until at least 30 December insist if government reviews levels But concerns are growing that the whole country will be embroiled in a third national lockdown in January

In response to this evening’s news, many islanders are calling on pubs and hotels in Ryde to check their IDs for local addresses, fearing Portsmouth ones will jump across the Solent

Awesome, everyone from town already here, just take a stroll around the sea like the hall they were allowed to travel to Iow, stop the trip to the island now

I hear on Monday and Tuesday that the ferries are full What now !! Unfortunately, those hoping to go to the hospital for treatment should stay on this page

Bembridge full of such Avoid all pubs and restaurants as Tier4 people are HERE in droves

Since Tier 4 doesn’t come into effect until midnight in certain areas, there is NO ONE “in droves” of Tier 4 right now. Stop being scared

An old houseboat should be towed and dumped in the ferry ports, the airports should be plowed and all the ports should be surrounded by wild dogs Everything else and we will have the most terrible in 2021.The mutation is more serious than we are told, hence the panic now

Feel free to surround Fishbourne Ferry Terminal with pitch forks. How do you think your mail, food and fuel will keep arriving if you stop the ferries?
If you want to prevent people from arriving, let the IOW council and Hampshire police monitor you

It is illegal to travel to or from Tiermouth Tier 4 so there will be no Fastcat or Hovercraft on the Portsmouth to Fishbourne ferries so all of these services will be canceled

We live on an island The ferries carry everything we need to live, not just people. How do you get there with food, fuel and mail?

Cargo can all pass on a new red funnel cargo ferry No one should travel in or out of a level 4 zone.If Wightlink continues, they should be fined heavily for their passengers and islanders put in danger where there is a duty of care

Islanders looking to make last minute purchases should head to Southampton?
That kind of advice is causing over forty stores in Newport to close!
SHOP LOCAL, please and stay safe I wish you a nice “little” Christmas

A little late with the restrictions. Too many people were fired for Covid during the holidays. Bring freedom!

Boris says stay away IW Council and Ferries say, come on, there is still time to assert yourself

Do not let this government separate you
All MPS are now in their vacation homes in Tier 1

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Source: https://www.islandecho.co.uk/portsmouth-to-enter-tier-4-from-midnight-government-says-stay-away/