Latest updates: Nurses, Doctors and NHS workers to get a raise, but other public sector workers will have to wait until next year for the economy to contract to 113%

Sarah Brown, chair of Theirworld global children’s charity (and wife of the former Labor Prime Minister), has also condemned the cut in aid spending. In a statement, she said:

The Chancellor’s announcement of international aid is deeply disappointing to the British people at a time when the world’s poorest countries are facing an increase in extreme poverty, inequality and a global education crisis, we shouldn’t sit back and watch it is Heartbreaking for our proud nations to help us reverse the advancement of hopes and dreams of children around the world

From a moral, diplomatic, and security perspective, it hurts all of us to leave the world’s poorest people as we face a steep global recovery from the pandemic

Many other development agencies have spoken out similarly. This is from Danny Sriskandarajah, General Manager of Oxfam UK

Cutting the UK’s lifeline to the world’s poorest communities amid a global pandemic will result in tens of thousands of otherwise preventable deaths at a time when hundreds of millions of people are hungry and decades of progress against poverty are threatened, today’s decision is one false economy diverting money for clean water and medicines to pay for bombs and bullets

The cut in the foreign aid budget is a political gesture to the right wing of the Tory Party, and the price for it is being paid by some of the poorest people in the world, regrettable indeed https: // tco / tiZtS3esrN

Perhaps the most important news today, OBR: “SR decisions reduce borrowing by cutting departmental resource spending by 10-12 billion GBP compared to March total budgets”All the figures today assume that we will need less expenditure after next year than we expected in March

In other words, the Treasury will allocate less department spending from 2021 to 22 (on the order of $ 10 billion) GBP up) than originally planned This explains why huge sums of money appear in line 3 of the scorecard (see 133pm) with a side effect

The Resolution Foundation has shown how much the UK’s growth and credit projections have deteriorated since the March budget:

Here are @OBR_UK’s new annual GDP growth projections roundup – slightly better than the July outlook, but in a different world than the pre-crisis projections in March # SpendingReview2020 picTwittercom / 5Z2kGNFO86

@OBR_UK’s cumulative credit expectations over the course of this Parliament (2019-20 to 2024-25) are now at 892 billion GBP # SpendingReview2020 picTwittercom / P3R5OAVY6x

In the House of Commons, Conservative Andrew Mitchell, who was international development minister in the coalition, suggested that children would die as a result of the cut in the aid budget. He addressed Rishi Sunak and said:

There are 50 people here in the UK as a result of the pandemic000 people have died and we rightly move heaven and earth to prevent further deaths here at home But is [Sunak] aware that he broke the 0? 7% promise and the 30% further reduction in cash will be the cause 100000 preventable deaths, mostly in children?

This is a decision I’m not ready to make, and none of us in this house will be able to look our kids in the eyes and say we don’t know what we voted for

Sunak said the UK will still “make a difference to the poorest countries in the world” with its spending

Tom Tugendhat, the Conservative chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, has also expressed his doubts about the plan

For nearly 60 years the British West Africa Squadron fought the evils of slavery At its peak it cost 2 percent of the national budget to fight slave traders at sea We have always known that foreign aid protects our values ​​and expands our influence

The Budgetary Responsibility Office has also shown that the UK’s economic prospects depend heavily on how quickly lockdowns are lifted and whether effective vaccines are introduced

You have created three scenarios for the economy, depending on the fight against Covid-19

Unemployment is 51% in the upward scenario (compared to 75% in the central scenario) and the UK is avoiding long-term economic scars from the crisis

But in the downside scenario (without an effective vaccine), the economy will not return to pre-crisis levels until the end of 2024, unemployment will peak at 11% and the economy will suffer from serious scars – with production at 6% and 5 years respectively less than before the pandemic

The central scenario shows that the economy in 2025 will be 3% smaller than forecast in March

The OBR released its “almost final draft” report late last week – after Pfizer and Moderna reported their encouraging vaccination results, before AstraZeneca reported Monday that its vaccine could be 90% effective (at half a dose, then a full dose)

According to the OBR, the success of AstraZeneca’s vaccine developed by Oxford University is critical to speedy vaccination next year:

The announcement that Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines have shown excellent results in preventing infection in late-stage clinical trials just as our predictions were completed is undoubtedly very positive news, but it does mean for several reasons does not automatically mean an immediate or full return to normal economic life for the entire population First, the government has bought enough Pfizer BioNTech vaccine to immunize only 20 million people, and enough Moderna vaccine for 2½ million (delivery is not expected until spring )

Widespread vaccination beyond vulnerable groups in 2021 would likely require the success of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine as well

The OBR also points out that the introduction of vaccines to the entire population is a major logistical challenge and will take some time

Finally, there is a possibility that the virus could mutate in a way that renders the vaccines ineffective The recent mutation on mink farms in Denmark points out the risks

These tweets from the Institute for Fiscal Studies summarize what today’s spending reviews and OBR documents say about spending and debt

Today’s @ OBR_uk forecast puts the total cost of the government’s entire coronavirus response at $ 280 billion over the 2020-21 period GBP, £ 88 more than their previous July estimate ImageTwittercom / k43Qn7UseR

According to today’s forecasts, the ongoing weakness of the economy will mean that borrowing will rise by 42 billion between 2024 and 2025 GBP remains above the level expected in March BildTwittercom / Ie7rXQNFd8

The collapse of economic activity and the government’s emergency measures have resulted in a sharp rise in the debt-to-national income ratio @OBR_UK forecasts that debt will continue to increase slightly and will remain at 98% of national income by the end of the forecast period 2025-26 BildTwittercom / mHbKhLtOvT

Nigel Farage, the former Ukip leader who now heads the Brexit party, has welcomed the decision to cut aid spending (a long-standing call from the Ukip / Brexit party)

Here’s more of what Anneliese Dodds, the shadow chancellor, said to MPs when she gave Labour’s response to the Commons spending review. She said:

Many key figures who willingly took on so much responsibility during this crisis are now being forced to tighten their belts. Well, not medium term, which the Chancellor is referring to

In contrast, there is a bonanza for those who have won contracts from this government. Political companies are ten times more likely to win government contracts

In its response to this pandemic, the Conservative government wasted industrial-scale public finances and poorly managed £ 130m to a conservative donor for testing kits that were unsafe; 150 million GBP for face masks and 700 million GBP for overalls that could not be used

£ 12 billion for our economy because the more effective, shorter breaker was blocked and a longer, more expensive block was introduced instead

So far, £ 12 billion has been spent on a testing and racing system that is still not working

And today news of additional PPE costs of 10 billion GBP, at least in part due to the lack of prepandemic planning by the Conservatives

“This waste and mismanagement is part of a longer-term pattern – showing that today’s claims about ascension simply do not align with the evidence

This expense review is an important opportunity and test Instead of putting photos in his favorite hoodie, the Chancellor should have listened to those in trouble

£ 29million for a festival of Brexit while starving the weaning at home and abroad sums up this dry government almost Reneging on the 07% helpfulness while the world struggles in a Covid pandemic is just cruel

He says he came to talk about jobs, but how many jobs did this Chancellor cost?

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