People have been urged to stay on site after chaotic scenes at London train stations before new measures go into effect

Police are being asked to prevent families from driving out of Tier 4 areas, and additional officers are being deployed at train stations to stop unnecessary journeys, as announced after crowded scenes at hubs in the capital / p>

The new Tier 4 measures, which were introduced in London and the South East from Sunday, prohibit non-essential travel out of the area and the mixing of households indefinitely, even during the entire holiday season

UK Travel Minister Grant Shapps said, “If you are in Tier 4 the law means you have to stay home and not be away from home overnight all over the rest of the country you have to go before Stay in place

“Follow the directions and please do not come to a train station unless you are allowed to travel

“Additional British Transport Police (BTP) officers are deployed to ensure that only those who need to make critical trips can travel safely”

Government Christmas Traffic Tsar Sir Peter Hendy said, “We will be adding additional staff to the stations, announcements will clarify the law, and additional BTP officers are in place to ensure that only essential journeys are made

“People thinking about driving should also stay at home or on site The new restrictions mean people should not enter or leave Tier 4 areas and that you should stay on site across the country”

The announcement on Saturday sparked a rush to London train stations By 7pm, tickets were no longer available online from several London train stations including Paddington, King’s Cross and Euston

Footage posted on social media showed large crowds at St Pancras waiting to get on trains to Leeds

When asked on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show on Sunday whether police could prevent families from driving out of Tier 4 areas to visit their relatives, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the police would enforce the new laws adhere to

Metropolitan Police said officials across London “will pay special attention to groups who have deliberately ignored the rules”

Patrols would be prioritized in high-traffic areas of the capital as well as areas of London where the virus was spreading rapidly

Commander Alex Murray said: “Officials are being deployed across the city to crack down on those whose selfish actions could endanger the health of Londoners. We will also continue our joint enforcement with the 32 London Local Authorities and take action against those companies which also violate the regulations and endanger health

“Our fight against the virus is not over yet. The rules are very clear and our collective action over the next two weeks will have a direct impact on how quickly our city will recover if people ignore these new rules and are reckless.” Making decisions that risk lives, I do not apologize for the subsequent enforcement actions that will follow ”

The police have the power to arrest and issue firm criminal complaints, but prioritize an initial “engagement” approach, where the preferred method is to speak to those who are violating the rules before enforcement is required

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said the scenes at London train stations were “a direct consequence of the chaotic manner in which the announcement was made,” but urged Londoners to abide by the new rules

“I understand why people want to return to see their mothers, fathers, and elderly relatives, but I think that’s wrong,” he said

“Let me tell you why I think leaving either yesterday or today is a mistake Technically, you may not have broken the rules yesterday, but you may have the virus and don’t know you got the virus

“You may take this virus from London to your mother, father and elderly relatives

“We now have a vaccine in use, you can see light at the end of the tunnel

“How will you feel if you pass the virus on to an elderly relative, someone you love, whose life could well be long and fruitful because of the vaccine, who may contract the virus and, God forbid.” whose virus is losing life? ”

A strict cross-border travel ban has been put in place in Scotland to tighten hard rules in Scotland. Police in Scotland said they would use enforcement “as a last resort”

Cross-border travel had been banned in Scotland for several weeks, although it was expected that it would be relaxed via the five-day window

But yesterday, Sturgeon made it clear that they would “maintain a strict travel ban between Scotland and the rest of the UK and this will remain in place throughout the holiday season. We simply cannot risk this burden getting into the country if we do.” you can possibly avoid ”

The UK government is considering compensation for people who were forced to cancel their travel plans after new measures were taken before Christmas to contain the spread of a new variant of the coronavirus, Hancock said

When asked by Times Radio if the government would hand out compensation, the Minister of Health said, “This is something the Treasury Department and the Department of Transportation are concerned about because we understand the point people are making”

Which areas are in tier 4, which areas are in tier 4?

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