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Police Scotland is “evaluating” a formal complaint about the leak of the Scottish Government’s investigation into harassment allegations against Alex Salmond

Details of the investigation into the allegations made by the two women officials were published in the Daily Record in August 2018, sending shock waves across Scotland

The Information Commissioner’s Office previously said they had “sympathy” for the former Prime Minister’s belief that the leak was from a Scottish Government official, but they “could not find any evidence that a third party or an employee was involved the Scottish Government “The Government has improperly obtained or disclosed personal information relating to Mr. Alex Salmond”

Last week, just days before he formed his new political party, the ex-SNP leader said he was certain that someone in the Scottish government was “responsible for getting these details to the Daily Record” / P>
The government has been heavily criticized by the Holyrood Harassment Committee for the leak In its final report, the bipartisan group of MPs expressed concern “How details of the complaints about the Daily Record leak got into the press”

The report added: “The committee found this to be detrimental to both the complainants and the former First Minister. The Committee notes that the former First Minister was able to make at least one statement to the media outlining the allegations However, the women who filed the complaints had neither control nor a voice in this process. The committee has heard of the incredible toll this has put on Ms A and B

“The committee is unable to assess how the information became publicly available The fact is, however, that they have been released, and this is a major concern

“The confidentiality of an investigation is of the utmost importance, and disclosure of such information is extremely serious. Should the identity of the person who leaked the information ever come to light, they should be held accountable for their actions”

The James Hamilton report states that the leakage of complaints to the press did not fall within his remit and should instead be forwarded to the police

Salmond announced his intention to do just that last week when he announced that he was also taking legal action against the Scottish government

“Accordingly, I will now file this complaint with the police and allow them to find out who within the Scottish Government was responsible for providing these details to the Daily Record,” he said in a brief statement

He added: “I am confident that Police Scotland will vigorously pursue this matter”
It is assumed that a complaint was filed over the weekend

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “We have received a complaint regarding the possible unlawful disclosure of information that is currently under investigation”

Following Salmond’s first statement, a Scottish Government spokesman said: “For the avoidance of doubt, the Scottish Government understands that both an Information Commissioner’s Office investigation and an internal leak investigation have found no evidence to support Mr Salmond’s claims, that there was some leak from the Scottish Government over the complaints made against him “

During his taking of evidence on the Holryood molestation investigation, the former Prime Minister suggested that someone in Nicola Sturgeon’s office split details of the investigation into two complaints with the paper

He informed the MSPs that the government would first issue a press release detailing the complaints and the results of the investigation on Jan. August 2018 were unveiled

However, he and his attorneys said they would institute a ban to stop the media release from being sent

However, hours later, the Daily Record contacted the former Prime Minister to inform him that it was aware of the complaints

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