Good morning Britain’s brand Piers Morgan has announced that he will be unsubscribing from Twitter for the remainder of the year amid a deluge of heavy news

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GMB’s Piers, who is a regular on the microblogging website, stated that he won’t be re-enrolling until 2021

He said that a series of bad news had killed him and that he was “through by 2020” “

When he wrote his last tweet of the year, he said to his followers: “A new mutated Covid is raging, Arsenal continues to lose, the terrible reality of Brexit threatens, Trump is still throwing his toys out of the stroller Christmas is canned and everyone on Twitter has gone mad – including me

Over the course of the year, he has made his feelings clear about the resignation of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as high-ranking royals

And as the pandemic got worse and worse, he opposed the government’s decision not to lock down sooner

But it has also created controversy as its cross-examinations of Matt Hancock and Secretary of Care Helen Whately sparked complaints with the Ofcom Broadcasting Authority

But Ofcom cleared Piers off, arguing that his prison-less interview style was in keeping with his journalistic duty

In 2020 he even lost a close friend – in the form of Lord Sugar

The two have disregarded differing opinions on the pandemic, and Piers now fears their relationship cannot be saved

PIERS Morgan

World News – UK – Piers Morgan hints at leaving Twitter until 2021 as he will be done by 2020