Just as Cheltenham Town of League Two sniffed one of the biggest shocks in FA Cup history, two goals in three minutes turned into an exciting draw on the head and earned Manchester City Passage into the fifth round City got sweaty after a long throw, giving Cheltenham a surprising lead from Alfie May, but the late goals from Phil Foden and Gabriel Jesus dashed Cheltenham’s hopes of recording the mother of all troubles before Ferran Torres City breathe in the final seconds enabled

With seven minutes to go, shortly after Foden equalized by gracefully converting João Cancelo’s perfect cross, it spoke volumes about a picky Guardiola still annoying on the sidelines and pedantic arguments that Ben Tozer, the captain, was from Cheltenham, who heroically led his team, tried to steal a few yards before unleashing his not-so-secret weapon: that monstrous and now infamous long throw.The reason Guardiola got ruffled was because Cheltenham had already benefited from it May scored a goal after coming on before Benjamin Mendy, one of 10 city changes

Even so, it was a complete disparity: the city’s roster was put together at a cost of more than £ 563 million compared to a Cheltenham team made up of eight free transfers, two borrowers (including the tricky Finn Azaz) and one Signing 10£ 000 in May, a start-to-finish livewire whose passion Guardiola particularly praised The galaxy of the city’s superstars, as Cheltenham manager Michael Duff described it mid-week, arrived as the sun set on Cleeve Hill, one picturesque setting at the top of the Cotswolds, more akin to the Cheltenham Festival Bookmakers would have given a considerable chance of a surprise here, but Cheltenham, 72 places under a City team that now has 10 straight wins, made for a bumpy one Ride

“I don’t think we deserved to take a third, but I’m incredibly proud,” said Duff. “The players who got them off the bench and the way they scored the goals We said to our players, “Can you make a positive difference to the game?” Pep and his players will definitely know they were engaged in a reasonably decent game. It was an amazing feat. Maybe we stepped out of the shadows of the racetrack for five minutes ”

Guardiola had joked that Cheltenham would not leave a beer in the bar that doubled as a dressing room but leave Gloucestershire with a bottle of red courtesy of Duff. “It was not the regular red wine I buy,” said the Cheltenham manager “But we’re back to work on Monday because we have to prepare at home for Oldham [Tuesday]. We have to go to the league now. All the fanfare, all of you [the media] and the fancy billboards will go away so we have to get started ”

Tozer’s absurd goal-line clearance to deny Mendy an early screamer set the tone for a gritty competition, with Duff admitting that everything must go in their favor if they got a chance, and Tozer’s superhuman attempt to get Mendy’s shot off the Directing line after Tommy Doyle’s flank was only half cleared seemed like a good omen Mendy’s crooked smile said it all

Fifteen minutes before kick-off, the public address announcer issued a polite reminder that if the score were 90 minutes extra time would be played. At the time it seemed a little optimistic – Duff cheered his first attempt Team crossed the finish line – but City suffered and eventually wilted when they fell behind it inevitably came from a giant mammoth throw Charlie Raglan and Will Boyle helped the ball and May was the quickest to react to get in

Guardiola looked disgusted Moments before, Jesus, who was excellently rescued by Foden, missed a golden chance when his shot kissed a post and the city administrator was soon embroiled in an intense conversation with his assistant Rodolfo Borrell, who was developing an escape plan on Am It worked in the end Ilkay Gündogan and Rúben Dias came to give City more impetus and another substitute, Cancelo, put the ball on for Foden before Fernandinho’s pass gave Jesus power, then Torres intervened in stoppage time for one fifth lap to Swansea to start But it was anything but comfortable

“We learn to suffer, to be there, to be there and in the end the quality makes the difference,” said Guardiola. “We know exactly what happens in such competitions around the world. We knew how difficult it would be Every throw-in from [Cheltenham] was more important than a corner or a free kick. They were totally alive. So the FA Cup is nice – anyone can be punished ”

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