Passengers entering England from Red List countries must pay £ 1750 to pay for quarantine at a government-approved hotel, the Minister of Health has announced

Matt Hancock announced a series of new Covid-19 travel measures in the House of Commons on Tuesday to counter new variants and described the tightened system as “business critical”

From the 15th February, UK and Irish residents entering England who have been in Red List countries for the past 10 days must be quarantined in an assigned hotel room

Passengers returning from the 33 Red List countries must be quarantined for 10 days from the time of their arrival

Travelers who are not quarantined at the hotels can face a fine of up to 10 under strict new laws000 GBP to be occupied Anyone trying to hide a visit to a redlisted country can be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison

Before traveling, all passengers must pay for their quarantine package online through a booking system that goes online on Thursday after full instructions are posted, Hancock said

There is a charge of £ 1 for the package750 per person charged, which includes hotel stay, transportation to accommodation and Covid-19 testing

Mr Hancock said the new system currently only applies to England, but officials are working with the decentralized nations on similar programs

He told Commons: “Passengers can only enter the UK through a small number of ports which currently account for the vast majority of passenger arrivals

“On arrival, you will be directed to a designated hotel that will be closed to non-quarantined guests for 10 days or more if they test positive for Covid-19 during their stay ‘

Mr Hancock said that 16 hotels with 4600 available rooms have been contracted, but more will be secured “as needed”

He added that everyone must remain in the designated rooms and not mingle with other guests while safety precautions are taken to ensure compliance

In further updates, the Minister of Health announced that all newcomers to the UK will have to take two Covid-19 tests on the second and eighth days of their quarantine

All passengers must already take a test before departure and cannot travel to England if this is positive However, according to the new rules, passengers are legally obliged to perform two more PCR tests

The rules apply from Monday to all international arrivals – whether quarantined at home or in a hotel

If any of the tests are positive, the person must be quarantined for an additional 10 days from the date of the test

“The existing quarantine test release scheme can continue to be used from day five, but this will be in addition to the two mandatory tests,” he added

Passengers can book these tests via an online portal that goes online on the Thursday before departure

In order to ensure compliance, he announced a series of tougher fines would be imposed on those who break the rules

Arrivals who do not take a mandatory test may be fined 1£ 000 will be fined, while those who fail to take a second test will be fined £ 2000 GBP are occupied and their quarantine period is extended to 14 days

Anyone who does not quarantine in a certain hotel must be fined 5000 GBP to 10Calculate £ 000

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