The ITV show returned on Tuesday and the panel debated whether people should take grief for pets more seriously

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The ITV show returned on Tuesday lunchtime and the panel debated whether people should take grieving for pets more seriously and whether paid vacation from work should be allowed

Charlene White, Linda Robson, Janet Street-Porter and Paris discussed the subject with Linda, who was particularly passionate after the death of her dog Ernie

But Paris, who is married to boxer Tyson, had a surprising reaction to her own pet

Charlene asked her, “You now have a pet Do you understand when people are so close to their pet and see them as company and another beloved family member? “

Paris replied, “I understand that you love your dog, especially if it’s someone who is in a quiet house, if you are in a quiet home that may have one person, two people and then the dog

“That’s a whole part of their life, it’s a big part of their life, especially when it’s just the dog, it’s their company

Paris went on to say that when she juggled five children, being a dog owner was not easy

“Personally, we have a small dog, but the dog is here and when the dog is gone,” began the 30-year-old

“I know it sounds gruesome, but it wouldn’t be a miracle Miss. I would be really happy because she is just another problem in the house”

In defense of their comments Paris added, “I know I really probably shouldn’t, but I have five peeing, pooping machines in my house and then I have the dog who is a peeing, pooping machine”

“What a horrible thing to say to Paris you wouldn’t miss the dog if he were missing,” wrote one shocked viewer

Another raged: “I can’t believe this woman at #loosewomen just said that she would be very happy if she lost her dog. What a terribly disgusting thing to say, YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE A DOG ! “

One said: “I really like the honesty of Paris Fury It’s a breath of fresh air here #LooseWomen”

A third added: “At least loving Paris today, she speaks her mind and not fake #loosewomen”

Paris Fury

World News – GB – Paris Fury stuns loose viewers over comments on “not missing” dogs