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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says his Manchester United players will barely give everything today (Sunday) in Newcastle after beating Real Sociedad 4-0 on Thursday

The boss was thrilled with his team’s attacking performance in Turin, but knows that a return to the bread and butter of the Premier League and competing with the magpies threatened with relegation will require renewed focus – especially given the recent slip-up campaigners West Bromwich Albion and Sheffield United

Ole also commented on the return of former Red Steve Bruce and was asked about the likelihood of Edinson Cavani and Donny van de Beek appearing at Old Trafford after missing out on the European win …

First off, Ole, I suppose you have a very comfortable selection dilemma after that midweek win?
“Yes, Thursday night was perfect for us. We gave those minutes that took minutes, we got good faith in the performance. The strikers scored goals – Dan [James], Marcus [Rashford], Bruno [Fernandes] scored two goals think we found a way to play when the rooms are there for us i think we were good at finding the rooms if they give you the space behind it why not take it? “

It always feels like a tight turn from Thursday to Sunday, but after such a morally positive win, do you think the guys are pretty happy to play again? “Of course they are. It helped. Confidence is high, it’s a big boost to morale. Of course it’s Sunday evening so we have three full days to relax.”

Newcastle obviously don’t have a great campaign, but they desperately need points …
“Every game in the Premier League is difficult. You have to earn the right. You have to do it for your quality, but especially after the hiring. You run more than them, you want more than them and we have players who have the quality, so hopefully we can take the risk ”

And Brucie is always welcome to Old Trafford
“Yeah, he is. He did a really good job of course. It’s tight down there, but I think in the last few weeks they have found a different way to play too. With Graham [Jones] they tried a diamond, they were more adventurous so I’m not sure what kind of game he’s going to set up, but I know Brucie will get three points ”

The two boys, Edinson and Donny, who didn’t come here because of an injury, do you have any idea if they might be available for the game on Sunday?
“We both think or hope, but we’re not sure. Maybe one, maybe two, maybe none It’s one of those tight situations where you need to make a phone call, probably after Saturday’s workout”

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Source: https://www.manutd.com/en/news/detail/solskjaer-exclusive-interview-before-man-utd-v-newcastle-on-21-february