Nigella Lawson wowed her fans tonight with the Christmas special “Cook, Eat, Repeat” on BBC Two, with her festive culinary offerings being delicious – with a Nordic theme in mind

Nigella Lawson was on BBC Two for her Christmas special from Cook, Eat, Repeat and showed fans how to make a special brown bread – with a weird hack using a shower cap

The 60-year-old cooking guru put a shower cap over her bowl of dough and left it as proof

Nigella stirs the batter until it becomes a “dense, sticky mixture” and glues a pretty fancy leopard print shower cap over the top of the bowl

She explains, “All I need is cover it up to prove it for about 16 hours or until it really has increased in volume with a wonderfully spongy surface”

The brown bread recipe looked decadent with a list of ingredients like Irish stout, dark rye flour, and nigella seeds

Your fans noticed the ingenious use of the shower cap and noticed the interesting, waste-saving hack on Twitter

One person commented, “Sat here, Aperol Spritz in hand, thinking about making it now #CookEatRepeat love the shower cap on the bowl as proof “

Another eagle-eyed observer asked, “Has anyone else bought a leopard print shower cap to cover the bread dough upon detection? @Nigella_Lawson #CookEatRepeat”

Someone else gushed, “I just saw myself put a bowl on top of a shower cap to prove it was such a good idea!”

Meanwhile, someone else was thinking about how the beautiful backdrop was created – with a snow-covered Christmas wonderland in front of the kitchen window

This comes after she amazes viewers with her unique way of pronouncing the word “microwave” and sharing her secret ingredient to take chili-con-carne to the next level

Nigella Lawson

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