The First Minister will meet with the Scottish Cabinet to discuss stricter measures, including closing schools this month and returning to a March-style curfew

Holyrood’s chairman was asked to call Parliament back Monday afternoon for a statement from Ms. Sturgeon

In Scotland there has been an increase of 2 in the last 24 hours464 new Covid-19 cases, which was higher than the increase of 2 confirmed on Saturday137 new cases

The Scottish government is coming under great pressure to return to school, much like the Prime Minister

A Scottish Government spokesman said: “The recent rapid increase in COVID cases in Scotland caused by the new variant of the virus is a very serious problem

“The steep rise and pressure on the NHS in some other parts of the UK is a sign of what Scotland may have to do if we do not take all possible steps now to expand the NHS slow down virus as the vaccination program progresses

“The First Minister has therefore asked that Parliament be called back from recess on Monday afternoon so that it can urgently issue a statement on further measures to suppress the broadcast

“This will happen after a cabinet meeting on Monday morning. The Education Recovery Group will also meet on Monday

“The strong message remains that people should stay home as much as possible and avoid unnecessary interactions with others”

In a series of tweets, the First Minister claimed that the new variant was a “serious problem”

She wrote: “The surge and NHS pressures in other parts of the UK are a sign of what could be ahead of us

“Like other countries, we are in a race between this faster spreading strain of Covid and the vaccination program

“As we’re working to vaccinate as soon as possible, we also need to do more to slow the virus down – to save lives and help the NHS take care of those who need it.” >

“Following a meeting of the Scottish Government’s Resilience Committee yesterday to assess the latest situation, the Cabinet will meet tomorrow morning to consider further measures to limit the spread and I have requested that the Scottish Parliament be called back tomorrow afternoon, so that I can state our decisions in a statement

“All decisions are tough right now, with harsh impact vaccines giving us a way out, but this new strain makes the time until then the most dangerous since the pandemic started

“So the government has a responsibility to act quickly and decisively in the national interest”

Schools should be on 18 January fully reopened, a plan that is under constant review

It is believed that the Scottish Government initially considered rapid testing in schools, but is now concerned that the new strain is spreading so quickly that it would not be enough

The majority of the country is already subject to level four restrictions, including all of mainland Scotland and Skye, while the other islands are subject to level three

The Prime Minister today insisted that schools in England were “safe” but refused to rule out further action

Mr Johnson claimed he had “no doubt” that classrooms are safe and that the risk to young people is “very, very small”

“I would advise all parents to think about what they want to do Take a look at where your area is Most of the time you are in a part of the country where primary schools are open tomorrow””

He insists that unions across the UK issued a week of warning of the planned reopening

General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, “There seems to be increasing evidence of the role of young people in the transmission of this new variant”

“If we have easier transmission especially by the youth population, reopening schools where there is no physical distance between young people would be a recipe for disaster This would only accelerate the transmission of infections to the wider community”

“Schools can only reopen safely if we have effectively suppressed infection rates in the community, right now, even though the data has some delays due to the

During the Christmas / New Years break, the signs seem to be that this new variant has caught on in Scotland and we must therefore face this new challenge ”

On Friday, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson confirmed that all London elementary schools would remain closed to most students, although it would only happen in certain districts earlier in the week

The call for closure was made at Holyrood by the Scottish Greens, with co-leader Patrick Harvie insisting that they close

He said, “With more new cases emerging on the last day than any other daily increase, and the number of hospitals and intensive care units increasing as well, caution should be exercised

“We have to be honest and accept that schools cannot return until the situation is under control and the role of schools in transferring the new burden is understood

“The teachers have already told us that the staff do not feel safe It’s time to listen to them

“And if schools are to be opened, teachers must clearly benefit from the new capacity expansion for vaccination”

This is only the fifth time Holyrood Parliament has been recalled, and the second time in the last four weeks

Previously, it was convened after the deaths of Donald Dewar in October 2000 and the Queen Mother in April 2002

Nicola Sturgeon

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