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Nicola Sturgeon said independence is “essential” to Scotland’s recovery from the pandemic and is “not a distraction”

The SNP chairwoman used her speech at the election conference to speak about COVID-19, her party’s political plans, and to criticize Westminster for having “come to power” in the Scottish Parliament

The First Minister emphasized her belief that the country’s future lies outside the UK The insistence on independence is vital to a recovery based on the values ​​most people in Scotland hold

Sturgeon has also made plans, if chosen, to increase the Scottish child payment from £ 10 per week for each eligible child to £ 20 per week, saying this would help “end the child poverty scandal”

She commended the NHS for delivering the coronavirus vaccination program and announced plans to set up at least one new fast-track cancer diagnostic center in every area of ​​the health department

A mandate for a second independence referendum was at the center of her address when she said: “There is a question we must all ask ourselves in Scotland

“Who is best placed to determine and shape the kind of country we want to be after the pandemic – the people of Scotland and governments, whatever party we elected, or Westminster -Governments and politicians like Boris Johnson?

“I believe Scotland’s recovery should be in Scotland’s hands Independence is not a distraction from recovery

“It is important to ensure a recovery that takes place here in Scotland and is based on the values ​​that most of us subscribe to

“In an independent Scotland, we will have the strengths and tools we need to build the land so many of us want to see

“Never again will a Westminster government be able to steer Scotland in the wrong direction. Voting for the SNP in this election is a vote to re-elect me and the SNP government to keep Scotland safe through the pandemic to lead

“But it is also a vote for your right – when the crisis is over – to vote for independence. And every day we can help promote independence by using the powers we already have”

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