Nick Jonas said it was his “dream” to play Bruce Springsteen in a movie about the boss’s life

“Bruce grew up in New Jersey and obviously has a special place in my heart and creative life,” said Jonas, adding, “And it’s a dream of mine to play him in a movie one day and tell his story in a way that honors him and that he could be a part of”

Nick Jonas also called Springsteen a “champion” and added that he would like to have a career as successful as that of the “Born in the USA” singer

“(I) could only hope to have a career that was as long as his and as important as his to people,” he remarked,

Jonas added, “And that’s what really struck me after going to a show: he’s been a champion to his fans throughout his career, and you see that at the shows”It’s about you. Every moment is about you, you have the best experience, the best night of your week, your life, your year, whatever “

Nick also said that when touring with his brothers Kevin and Joe as the Jonas Brothers, he was inspired by Springsteen to bring that energy into every gig and be the culmination of the “week, month, or year” of being a fan

Nick said, “This is what the brothers and I said about our shows. We always want to make sure that our artistic vision is implemented and that we say what we want to say, but we also want this to be the best night of the week , the month or the year of our fans is So we try to bring the same energy and all thanks to Bruce’s model “

The boss himself recently teamed up with former US President Barack Obama for a podcast series that was released on Spotify More here

The boss recently shared a lyric video for his title “I See You In My Dreams”

Would you like to hear more from Bruce? Check out his show every Thursday night from 7pm, right here on Nova !!

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Nick Jonas

World News – GB – Nick Jonas says playing Bruce Springsteen in a biopic would be “a dream”