The couple – pictured at the 2020 Grammys – spend a lot of time apart due to work

ick Jonas said that feeling “separated” from his wife Priyanka Chopra-Jonas helped to inspire his latest album

Chopra Jonas, 38, was in Germany last year, while Jonas, 28, stayed in America to work on his new album called Spaceman

Chopra Jonas is shooting for The Matrix 4 – which is slated for release later this year. She is currently in London for work

Jonas said on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon: “You know, I started writing this record back in July

“My wife was in Germany and finished this little film called The Matrix I said, ‘You know, above all I feel very separate from the world and now from myself

“And I just wrote it with Greg Kurstin (American record producer) and Mozella (American songwriter)

“This year when we are somehow separated from reality, separated from the world and felt like we are on our planet”

“And you know that you obviously missed her at that time and then reconnected with her”

Previously, Chopra Jonas talked about their marriage and how the couple – who live in the US – were lucky enough to be able to spend so much time together due to the pandemic

She stated: “He’s great and we would never have had so much time together as we did during this quarantine

“It only took a global pandemic to coordinate our schedules, but that was definitely a silver lining to being at home”

Priyanka Chopra

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