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A new online calculator has been created that claims it can predict when Scots will be able to get the Covid-19 vaccine

The Omni Calculator raises a series of questions about people’s age, health, and occupation before the information gathered is used to determine their potential place in the queue to receive the sting

It comes just a week after the UK’s Covid vaccination programs start The first Scot received the Pfizer shock last Tuesday

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The vaccine, which researchers have found to be 95 percent effective, has now been distributed to thousands of Scots

The calculator’s estimates are based on the UK government’s published nine-point priority list of who gets the trick first

The calculator created by Steven Wooding combines answers to give a rough indication of how long people will have to wait

It asks people a variety of questions including age, whether they work in a nursing home or healthcare, whether they are currently pregnant, and whether they have had shelter or underlying health conditions

The calculator’s page says, “You will then see an estimate of the maximum number of people waiting in line to get the vaccine in front of you

“We also state how long it may take to get the vaccine based on the vaccination rate. By default, these figures are based on a vaccination rate of 1 million vaccinations per week and a standard intake rate of 706%” ”

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Covid Vaccine Calculator UK

World News – GB – The new online Covid Calculator estimates the date you could get the vaccine