Rishi Sunak will announce today that the Treasury Department’s north campus will be located in the city of Darlington, County Durham

With the move, the Treasury Department will employ 750 people in Darlington after beating competition from Leeds and Newcastle

The Financial Times also reports that the Treasury Department has decided to designate Teesside as one of the UK’s post-Brexit free ports, which means goods coming into the region will be less taxed

A video originally sent to Treasury Department officials by Sunak announcing Darlington’s decision has spread on social media

The relocation of part of the Treasury to the north was announced by Sunak in its budget last year to help fuel the government’s agenda to “leveling” less developed areas in the UK

More than 20000 officials are evicted from London as part of the advance

Darlington was the preferred choice of the so-called “Red Wall” members of the Tories, who had won seats in traditional Labor areas in the 2019 elections

The city is also only a 20 minute drive from the Chancellor’s constituency – Richmond in Yorkshire

By selecting Teesside as the free port, goods can be imported, manufactured and re-exported without the need for standard tariffs or normal customs controls

Companies that operate in free ports pay a lower VAT rate and lower wage tax, as well as relief when buying land


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